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Ultimate South Florida Pre Move Checklist

Let’s be honest: moving home is always exhausting. If you have a family, the task can be especially challenging. But it’s not impossible. In fact, if you divide the process of moving into different stages, you will be able to move and settle into your new home smoothly and effectively. We have compiled an effective […]

Tips for Moving to Boca

Moving to Boca Raton? Keep Your Move Smooth With These Essential Tips from Veterans Moving When people are asked what they think about Boca Raton, most will say it’s a very exclusive city In fact, Boca Raton is known for its exclusive gated country club communities and high end lifestyle that includes everything from yachting […]

6 Essential Tips for Moving to South Florida During COVID-19

Thinking about moving to Delray Beach, Parkland, Deerfield Beach or ‘anywhere else but here’ to escape COVID-19? You’re not alone, As the pandemic has changed lives across the nation, moving to South Florida for personal or professional reasons is spiking. Our tropical weather and lack of congestion is certainly a draw for many people in […]

Popular Moving Myths Shattered

Popular Moving Myths Shattered Moving is stressful enough without having to wonder whether you are entering the wild west when you start planning your move. From the myth that you’ll save money with a DIY move to the myth that weekends are the best time to move ( they’re not ) to the popular myth […]

Insider Tips for Moving to Your New Home in South Florida

Moving to a new home is always an exciting experience, especially if you are moving into South Florida! However, too much excitement and enthusiasm can cause people to forget the most important aspects of moving. Besides packing boxes, wrapping things, hauling luggage and moving furniture, there are several special considerations you may not have considered. […]

Professional Moving Company

Ask The Mover…Frequently Asked Moving Questions Planning your Move in South Florida? Be sure to Hire a Professional Moving Company! 1. When is the best time to plan your South Florida move? You need to consider that moving companies are usually the busiest from mid-May to Mid-September. Specifically, the end of the month sees the […]

Tips For Moving a Piano in South Florida

Moving a piano may seem like something you and your friends might be able to ‘pull off’, but it’s very easy to get over your head when moving one. A piano is a delicate musical instrument and moving one involves several steps and is best left in the hands of professional piano movers. Here are […]