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Professional Moving Company

Ask The Mover…Frequently Asked Moving Questions Planning your Move in South Florida? Be sure to Hire a Professional Moving Company! 1. When is the best time to plan your South Florida move? You need to consider that moving companies are usually the busiest from mid-May to Mid-September. Specifically, the end of the month sees the […]

Tips For Moving a Piano in South Florida

Moving a piano may seem like something you and your friends might be able to ‘pull off’, but it’s very easy to get over your head when moving one. A piano is a delicate musical instrument and moving one involves several steps and is best left in the hands of professional piano movers. Here are […]

Think You’ll Save Money With a DIY Move in South Florida?

Comparing the Costs of a Moving Yourself vs. a Professional Mover Do You Remember the First Time You Moved? You probably rented a truck, got a few friends together, and made a day of it. Your furniture was definitely the hand-me-down variety and your plates and glasses were probably a smorgasbord of styles. So what […]

Moving Tips for Moving in South Florida

Planning on moving in South Florida? The more you prepare, the smoother your move will be. Here are moving tips from professional South Florida movers Veteran Moving Company to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Whether you are moving to a duplex in Pompano, a condo on A1A in Delray Beach or a […]

Moving to South Florida?

Here’s a Handy ‘Pre-Move’ Checklist 6 Simple Suggestions for Planning Your Move to or Within South Florida People are flooding into South Florida more than ever before, due to the changing job landscape, family size, job relocation or just a desire to live in a more temperate climate. Almost 1,000 people are moving to Florida […]

What Makes One Moving Company Better Than Another?

What to Look for When Searching for a Trustworthy Moving Company Choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to do business with can be difficult in today’s quick-moving professional landscape. Many companies and individuals have a slick website and solid customer service capabilities, but when the time comes for them to deliver the promised goods and/or […]

12 Things to Know Before Moving to South Florida

Thinking of moving to South Florida? Here are 12 things you should know first. These fun facts range from living expenses to nightlife and even the weather! 1. Affordable2. Jobs3. Popular For Retirees4. South Beach5. Weather6. Swing State7. Different8. Tourism9. Snowbirds10. More Than Just Beaches11. Daytona 50012. Golf Hopefully you are still considering your move […]