Moving Tips for Moving in South Florida

Packing and Moving in South Florida

Planning on moving in South Florida? The more you prepare, the smoother your move will be. Here are moving tips from professional South Florida movers Veteran Moving Company to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are moving to a duplex in Pompano, a condo on A1A in Delray Beach or a luxury gated community in Boca Raton, the more you plan ahead of time, the better things will go!

Moving Tip # 1 – Work Out All Details with Your Mover Prior to Move Day.

No two moves are exactly alike. When you tell your mover “I have a lot of items”, that means different things to different people. There’s a lot of gray area between “I have many items’ vs. “I only have a few items”, so try to make an accurate count of the number of items and more detail in terms of the types of items in each room. Perhaps make a piece of paper for kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2 etc. and list the furniture and the number of boxes in each room.

Moving in South Florida can be a challenge. Where is parking for the mover? Close or a distance away. If you are in a high rise building is there access to an elevator? Does your building need a certificate of insurance?

If there are no surprises for the mover, then there should be no surprises for you later on when you receive the final bill.

Moving Tip # 2 – Make Sure Your Furniture is Prepared to be Moved.

File cabinets should be emptied. Be sure to label any fragile items clearly as ‘FRAGILE’ on the box.

Dressers and chest should have all heavy and breakable items removed. Items shift when moving. If you would like to save time you can have your beds broken down and ready to be moved.

Moving Tip # 3 – Box Items Properly

Make sure you utilize all of the space in your boxes so your boxes do not collapse and there is no wasted space in the truck. Keep fragile items together and use lots of packing paper so items can not shift. Don’t forget to label your boxes fragile. For fragile items you may want to use a double walled moving box. The heavier the items the smaller the box. Keep all of your valuables with you. Learn more about how to you pack and unpack your items properly.

The heavier the items the smaller the box. In other words, don’t pack heavy items like books in large items because it may make the box extremely difficult to carry and it may break the box. Include some lighter items in the big boxes so as to balance the weight.

Keep all of your valuables with you at all times.

Moving Tip # 4  – The More Prepared You Are, the Smoother Your Move Will Go.

If you are packing yourself, make sure all items are boxed and labeled before the movers arrive.

Remember that you are hiring full service movers for a reason. This is their profession and they have moving experiences of all kinds. Moving in South Florida is what our company does every day. Feel free to ask questions ahead of time to help plan for a smoother move!

Veteran Moving Company in Pompano Beach, Florida has years of experience putting their moving tips to work for customers like you. Whether you are moving to South Florida or moving

away to another state, contact our moving company for a free quote today!

Moving to South Florida?

Mover in Pompano Beach with clipboard

Here’s a Handy ‘Pre-Move’ Checklist

6 Simple Suggestions for Planning Your Move to or Within South Florida

People are flooding into South Florida more than ever before, due to the changing job landscape, family size, job relocation or just a desire to live in a more temperate climate. Almost 1,000 people are moving to Florida each day, so you may need to look for several months for the perfect home in hot spots like Delray Beach, Parkland, Pompano Beach or Boca Raton.

Many people chose to live in a temporary apartment until they locate their South Florida dream home or condo. When you are finally ready to ‘make the big move’, it’s essential to plan ahead because if you don’t, it will cost you so much more if you make the mover do simple work you can do yourself. Once you have your final location in place and have started planning ( using our checklist ), then hire the a knowledgeable local movers to transport your valued belongings as safely, quickly and affordably as possible.

You can make moving to South Florida an easier process by following these 6 simple suggestions as the basis of your ‘Pre-move’ checklist:

Suggestion 1: Keep Track of Important Dates

It is a good idea to keep track of the important dates for moving, including notifying your current landlord, communicating with utility companies and hiring a moving company. With the large number of people moving in the Broward County and Palm Beach County area, you must contact a moving company to schedule services as soon as possible.

Suggestion 2: Have the New Home Ready for the Move

Make sure to have the new home ready for the move by cleaning it before the moving day arrives. This means that you should have the utilities turned on so that you have electricity, natural gas and water. In addition to vacuuming the floors, you may need to wash the windows and walls to make it easier for movers to place furniture in each room of your new home.

Suggestion 3: Arrange Pet and Child Care

If you have family pets or young children, then it is better to arrange care for the animals or the children while you are moving. There are boarding facilities that can care for dogs or cats on an hourly basis, and you can have a friend care for your children. You will feel safer knowing that your children and pets are away from the busy moving situation.

Suggestion 4: Organize Your Possessions

While you may have the professional movers pack your large possessions, you may want to pack the smaller items like kitchen utensils in order to save money. The less the movers have to pack, the more you’ll save. It’s also always better to organize everything first. Have a folder for your important documents so that these items aren’t lost in the cardboard boxes while you are moving. If you have valuable items such as jewelry, then it is a good idea to carry these things with you in your own vehicle. If you need to move a piano, look for a professional mover who has experience moving these fragile items.

Suggestion 5: Get Rid of Unneeded Items

When you have furniture, appliances or other items that you don’t want to move into a new home, make sure to get rid of these things before moving day arrives. You can try helpful apps like ‘Offer Up’, Decluttr, Swappa or eBay for quick liquidations of things you don’t want to move. It is also important to know if you have certain types of appliances or furniture that won’t fit into a new home, so you should measure larger items before the things are loaded onto the moving truck.

Suggestion 6: Consider the Weather Conditions

If you are moving to South Florida, you’ll soon find the climate in Palm Beach and Broward is often hot and humid, so you should consider this when packing certain valuables and you may also want to have the air conditioner pre cooling in your new home before the movers arrive.

In addition, summer is coming, and we have constant afternoon rain storms and thunderstorms, not to mention hurricane season on the horizon! It’s possible that a moving time can change so that you and your belongings are safe. Ask your mover about how weather conditions might affect your schedule.

From Parkland to Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach to Boca, following these simple moving suggestions will help make moving to South Florida a success!

What Makes One Moving Company Better Than Another?

What to Look for When Searching for a Trustworthy Moving Company


Choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to do business with can be difficult in today’s quick-moving professional landscape. Many companies and individuals have a slick website and solid customer service capabilities, but when the time comes for them to deliver the promised goods and/or services, they often fall short of expectations.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly important that anyone who’s moving into a new home consult a proven, effective moving company. Less-than-stellar moving companies—even those that sound and look professional until it’s time to work—can lose property, damage property, and otherwise make the inherently time-consuming process of moving that much harder.

With all this in mind, the question becomes, What makes one moving company better than another? How can world-class companies be spotted? How can low-quality companies be identified and avoided?

The short answer to these questions is this: a number of factors, certifications, and signs indicate that a moving company is better than another—and better than the rest of the companies. In other words, low-quality companies don’t really need to be spotted if customers are always searching for
high-quality organizations.

Let’s take a look at some common characteristics of tremendous moving companies!

A Positive Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating


The Better Business Bureau issues ratings to thousands upon thousands of businesses. Moving companies—and other companies—that aren’t well-reviewed by the BBB probably aren’t worth hiring. The BBB has served as the “golden standard” of third-party reviewers for more than a century.

Inversely, companies that boast a perfect or near-perfect BBB rating, like Florida’s own Veteran Moving Co., are almost certainly worth doing business with.


Great moving companies are organized moving companies.

Organization is an integral ingredient in the recipe for moving success. Schedules must be organized so customers receive the help they need at the date and time that was agreed upon; loading and packaging procedures must be organized to prevent property from sustaining damage; and driving routes must be organized to avoid accidents and difficulties.

Veteran Moving Co. is owned and operated by a proud United States Marine Corps veteran. Moving companies don’t necessarily need to be run with military precision to be organized, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!


The moving process almost always brings with it some unforeseen difficulties or issues. Perhaps anitem will end up being just too large to fit through the front door; maybe especially delicate items will need to be packaged according to the client’s specifications.

Whatever the case, professional moving companies will be more than willing to help clients adapt to and overcome the unexpected moving considerations they encounter. On the other hand,unprofessional companies—those that put money first and the client last—simply won’t be willing todo so.

Veteran Moving Co., thanks to the aforementioned Marine Corps values, is professional in every sense; the company’s employees are capable of overcoming any and all left-field moving considerations.

Positive Online Reviews and Ratings

Last but certainly not least, a moving company’s online reviews and ratings are useful indicators of the quality of offered services. Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms feature real reviews from real people; companies that are unable to meet the needs of clients receive negative reviews and suffer from less-than-desirable ratings.

Veteran Moving Co. has long received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

In a testament to just how much there is to enjoy and appreciate in “The Sunshine State,” nearly 1000 people make the full-time move to Florida each day; what’s more is that this trend doesn’t seem to be showing any signs at all of slowing down.

Whether a client is moving to a different part of Florida or to an out-of-state location, Veteran Moving Co. is standing by to help. The company is based out of Pompano Beach and offers moving services to virtually all South Florida residents, including those who live in the commercially desirable cities of Parkland and Delray Beach. Additionally, those who live out-of-town and are moving to SoFlo can be accommodated, as can residents of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to contact Veteran Moving Co.!

12 Things to Know Before Moving to South Florida

Thinking of moving to South Florida? Here are 12 things you should know first. These fun facts range from living expenses to nightlife and even the weather!

1. Affordable
2. Jobs
3. Popular For Retirees
4. South Beach
5. Weather
6. Swing State
7. Different
8. Tourism
9. Snowbirds
10. More Than Just Beaches
11. Daytona 500
12. Golf

Hopefully you are still considering your move to South Florida. And if you are give us a call at 561-414-3620 or fill out our easy to use contact form online!