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Need a Furniture Mover?  Learn What’s Involved In Moving Your Valuables

South Florida Furniture Moving Overview

Getting your belongings from your current home to your new South Florida space can be a daunting task. Whether you are moving couches and dining room tables, collectibles or antique pieces, you may not be comfortable turning your possessions over to a moving company, but Veteran Moving Company is not just any furniture mover.

Our highly rated, professional, licensed and veteran led team has experience with virtually every type of furniture; from sectionals to wall units, king size beds to pianos. We’ve moved antiques to Toscana on A1A in Delray Beach and bunk beds in Pompano Beach. We’ve moved vanities and four corner beds from luxury estates in Parkland and massive entertainment wall units in Deerfield. Our South Florida based residential moving team knows how to properly handle any type of furniture…even pianos!


Large pieces of furniture need protection from other pieces in the truck. Too often, furniture movers use pieces such as entertainment units or sectional sofas as the base for other items and wind up damaging them by stacking too much on top or tipping something against them.

While your largest pieces will need to go into the truck first, every piece will be carefully wrapped in a moving blanket before anything is placed near it.


Your sofa likely has glides to make it easy to move and clean around. These glides can also mean that your belongings may slide if the truck driver needs to brake quickly to avoid a dangerous situation. Once your large pieces of furniture go into the truck and are wrapped in a protective blanket, they’ll be strapped to the wall or strapped down to the floor to prevent any sliding or tipping.


Our truck will be clean when it gets to your house. Your soft goods and upholstered items such as couches and mattresses will be protected from the floors and walls to make sure that they are clean when they get to your new home. In addition to moving blankets, our furniture movers provide plastic sheeting to keep your soft goods from exposure to dust and dirt.

Antique Moving

Veteran Moving Company knows how to move antiques. Your collectibles and vintage pieces are a critical part of your heritage and we offer a “white glove” treatment for these pieces. We’ve moved expensive collections from Boca Raton to New York, from Pompano Beach to Parkland. Your antiques will have a specially protected place inside the moving truck with plenty of cushion to prevent any damage while on the road. Your antique pieces will be carefully wrapped and secured within the truck to reduce the risk of any jostling or disturbance both inside their container and within their space inside the truck.


Any furniture movers that can safely move pianos can move your most precious possessions. Rough handling of a piano can impact the sounding board and may permanently damage the instrument. Veteran Moving Company can handle instruments from an upright to a grand.

Final Thoughts

The decision to move can be difficult. However, hiring the right furniture movers doesn’t have to be. Our dedicated team is ready to do more than just put your belongings on the truck. We can protect your furniture, guard your precious antiques with the “white glove treatment” and even move your piano with great care and skill. Contact our furniture moving specialists in Pompano Beach for a free consultation and estimate today!