Moving in Florida During COVID-19: Overcoming Challenges

Moving company COVID-19 Coronavirus

“Hey Steve…could you and your van help me out this weekend and move my stuff?”  “I know it is on the 5th floor but we can just put our backs into it!”  “Bubble wrap?  We don’t need no stinking bubble wrap!  Just wedge the vase between these two statues!”  “The piano?  You take that end and I’ll  take this end…how hard could it be?”. Well, it could be very hard moving during the COVID-19 pandemic here in South Florida.

It used to be that the only concerns one had with making a move was how many pizzas and beer to buy for your friends who had pick-up trucks and were helping you move!  Then came the era of moving companies under quoting and over-charging…or worse, holding your belongings hostage until you paid their exorbitant up-charges! 

It was business practices like these that inspired Mark Weber to start Veteran Moving Company in Pompano Beach, Florida. Way before Mark became a U.S. Marine, he was well known for being fair and honest.  Mark felt that the behaviors exhibited by many of the companies in the moving space would create the opportunity for an honest and hard-working businessperson to be a beacon of what could and should be in the industry.

Now, in early 2020, we are faced with even common tasks becoming more dangerous in this age of COVID-19.  You want to keep your belongings safe during your South Florida move but first must focus on protecting your loved ones!  Who can you turn to in a situation like this? 

Always trust a veteran! Veteran Moving Company, family owned and operated, is led by United States Marine Corps veteran, Mark Weber. Who better to take command of your move than someone trained by the best of the best? Mark and his team, seeing the recent change in the moving landscape due to ‘The Pandemic’ of our time,  have been wearing masks, gloves and boot coverings, to protect you, your loved ones and your belongings since the start of the CDC guidelines coming into effect. Mark and Co. do not take chances with their clients belongings or their clients in general. Your safety and peace of mind and of course the safe transport of your furniture and valuables, is job #1 for us.

Even though they take pride in the warmth and caring of every client and each delivery, Mark and his team are now limiting, as necessary, the in-person contact, to help keep everyone healthier and try to flatten the curve in South Florida.  Mark is keeping a close watch on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Governor Desantis guidelines to ensure his practices are as protective as they can be…for his clients and his team.

Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, Veteran Moving Company offers the most complete suite of moving services…from White-Glove service moving your home or business to making trips to colleges all over Florida, and beyond, to help pack and move the college kids now returning home early due to COVID-19. 

Call 561-414-3620 today for a free estimate for your move, from Boca Raton and Parkland to Delray Beach and Deerfield Beach. And  while the traditional welcoming handshake may have to wait, our commitment to service is always the safe way to move!