Insider Tips for Moving to Your New Home in South Florida

South Florida insider moving tips

Moving to a new home is always an exciting experience, especially if you are moving into South Florida! However, too much excitement and enthusiasm can cause people to forget the most important aspects of moving.

Besides packing boxes, wrapping things, hauling luggage and moving furniture, there are several special considerations you may not have considered. Here are a few little known tips to remember before you plan on moving to your new condominium in Delray Beach, apartment in Pompano, home in Parkland or wherever you are moving in the area.

Sell Useless Stuff – Don’t Waste Time Moving Junk

All of us have acquired items that seem to keep piling up over the years, rarely used and gathering dust in garages and filling up your spare bedroom.

Before throwing unwanted items in the trash, consider the value the item may still have in someone else’s hands. Look up the value of every item that you no longer want by going onto online selling sites and apps., and CraigsList are great places to start. I recently sold several doors from my old home, a smaller flat screen TV, an old stereo AND my old toilet on OfferUp! You could make a few hundred dollars that you wouldn’t have made by going to the dumpster.

Take Basic Packing Lessons

People don’t realize how important it is to pack things correctly. And the earlier you start, the better the outcome. Many people waste dozens of boxes packing items that only need a few boxes. Other people waste time by running back and forth to the store, buying new packing materials. You may not realize it, but the best movers will help you pack professionally for a separate fee. Also, keep the packing supplies handy after you finish packing in case there is more stuff that you overlooked.

Arrange for Secure Transportation

Hire a well-reviewed and budget-friendly South Florida moving company to assist you. Hiring professional movers is your best assurance that you won’t injure yourself or get lost while trying to do the move all on your own. Find a licensed and insured mover that has many positive reviews. These movers who have access to one or more moving vehicles and provide insurance to ensure that your move is secure.

Label ‘FRAGILE’ and Handle With Care’ Boxes

Everyone has delicate items like dishes or paintings that can be easily damaged. How about that sailfish you caught off Pompano Pier? Don’t forget to label all of the boxes that need special handling with care. Your movers may be irritated or in a rush and not be thinking about the condition of your items. Make them care, and remind them of their responsibilities in handling your delicate items by clearly labeling them ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘Handle with Care’.

Label Top Priority Moving Boxes

Label boxes that contain the highest levels of priority for you. These include toiletries, valuables and important documents that are related to the move. You want to remain well organized to prevent any more headaches that come with moving to a new location.

Maintain the Condition of Your Former Home

It is common to see an old home that is left in disarray after people have moved out of it. Keep your old home in good condition if someone has bought the house and is moving in soon after you move out. It’s common courtesy to keep an area clean for someone else’s use.

Moving into your new home is not always straightforward. It’s easy to increase stress by forgetting to do a few simple things or by the wrong steps. There is an unlimited list of do’s and dont’s of moving to a new place. Make sure to remember the steps that require special consideration.

The most important tip is to contact Veteran Moving Co., in Pompano Beach. With years of experience moving people from Deerfield Beach to Delray Beach, we can apply all the ‘insider tips’ to make your move go smoothly!