Pompano Beach Moving Tips

Aerial view of Pompano Beach photo courtesy Elaine Fitzgerald

Moving to Pompano Beach?

Here Are the Savvy Mover’s Insider Moving Tips

We love Pompano Beach! The city’s motto is “Florida’s Warmest Welcome” and you’ll soon experience why firsthand since you’ll be moving here soon!

We love it so much in fact that we moved our families here ourselves and made it the headquarters of our moving company…and we’re not alone…

The population of Pompano Beach is about 115,000 and has grown about 10% since 2010 and the upcoming 2020 census is sure to show more expansion. But there’s a lot more room, so come on down, the water’s warm and the people are too!

Here are some helpful tips that our family of veteran movers wanted to share with you to make your move to Pompano go as smoothly as possible!

Moving TIP # 1 – Certificate of Insurance

If moving into a condo in Pompano Beach, be sure to find out if your building needs a Certificate of Insurance (COI) prior to your move in date.

Since you’ve wisely decided to relocate here, you already know the tropical climate, gorgeous beachfront featuring the world-famous Pompano Pier and water sport options are reflective of the South Florida lifestyle. But did you know this dynamic city offers so much more?

Pompano Beach has its own airport ( home of the Goodyear Blimp ) a gigantic antique mall and is also home to The Isles Casino at 777 Isle of Capri which not only features a plethora of slot machines and black jack games, it even has live horse racing!

But don’t race around at the last minute getting ready for your move.

Moving Tip #2 – Start Planning Early

You should start planning your move at least 6-8 weeks in advance including the selection of your moving company. This will give the estimator’s a chance to properly estimate what’s involved and give you a proper estimate.

TIP #3 – Avoid Surprises

No surprises from you means no surprises from us.

  1. The building that you are moving to does not have an elevator (walk up)
  2. You are bringing more items that disclosed
  3. There are extra stops
  4. You are not ready

Everything should be packed and ready to go on move day unless you made special arrangements with our team to pack for you.

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TIP #4 – Turn on the Utilities

How Do You Turn on the Electric in Pompano Beach?

Electricity – it’s one of the first things we need when we move in. To turn on the electric in Pompano Beach, you need to fill out the following

Electrical Service Turn-On Request Form – http://pompanobeachfl.gov/assets/docs/db/building_inspections/electricturnon.pdf .

You can also contact Florida Power and Light (FPL) at (954) 797- 5000

How Do You Turn on the Water at Your Pompano Beach Home or Business?

Call the Water Department on West Atlantic Ave. at (954) 786-4637

Pompano Isle Casino for gambling moves

Here are more really useful moving tips to make your upcoming move as smooth as possible!

TIP #5

Make sure you know your condo building or community move in times and days.

TIP #6

Where is the parking going to be on moving day? Make sure to let us know where we’re able to park and let your neighbors know where coming ( or HOA ).

If moving to a gated community like Pompano Golf Townhomes please provide a gate code or inform the community that you are expecting movers.

TIP #7 It’s Moving Day…Rain or Shine.

We can not control the weather, but our team works hard to get the job done safely and in a timely manner.

Need Help? Just Call Our Friendly Team at (561) 414-3620

If you are a business owner, you’ll want to introduce yourself to the

chamber of commerce located at 2200 E. Atlantic Blvd.

TIP # 8  Set Up Cable TV, Phone and Internet Service

For these essential services, you’ll want to contact

Comcast Communications (954) 252-1937

TIP # 9  Enroll in Public Schools

To start the process for registering your child in Pompano

Area public schools call (754) 321-3053. You’ll need proof of age as well as proof of residence, and the results of a recent doctor’s physical examination.

TIP # 10  Arrange for Garbage Pick Up

Contact garbage collection at Waste Management at 3831 NW 21 Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33073. (954) 974-7500

We’ve hope you’ve found our insider tips helpful. If you would like to provide your own tips for this list, just let us know. And if you need help moving to Pompano Beach or any other location in South Florida or around the country, contact our friendly customer service team at (561) 414-3620 Or click here to get the quote process underway!