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Veteran Moving Co, a reliable, trustworthy and professional Marine Corps veteran owned moving company based right outside Parkland.

If you are moving to Parkland, Florida, consider yourself very fortunate. So much so that the population of Parkland has been rising steadily since the city was founded in 1963 and it now boasts over 32,202 residents as of 2017.

Why Are So Many Moving to Parkland?

Another reason people move here is because the home stend to be luxurious and are rising in value. You’ll be in good company with the median home value in Parkland in 2019 at $623,900 according to Zillow. From Heron Bay to Parkland Isles, these elegant new luxury homes and mansions comes finer taste in furniture, decorations and artwork. 

  • Good schools
  • Great zoning
  • Home values rising
  • Peaceful environment
  • Lots of activities

But why hire our company over others? Veteran Moving Co. takes extra steps to deliver the ‘white glove service’ you would expect with finer things such as antiques, pianos and high end artwork. 

What Makes the Area Special?

Did you know the name Parkland derives from the fact that the zoning laws established for the city were set up so that they would protect the ‘park-like’ atmosphere and look of the area. It’s worked because the area is known for it’s tranquil and lush atmosphere. Parkland didn’t even have any traffic lights until recently!

There’s a lot to do here as well. From the popular Farmer’s Market, and Pet Expo, to The Mayor’s Chess Challenge and Pine Trails Park. They even have an event called ‘Parkchella’, Parkland’s spin on the popular Coachella event in California. 

Speaking of which, if you are planning a long distance move from California, New York, Michigan or anywhere else to this peaceful and elegant city, consider hiring Veteran Moving Company.

Moving across the county to Pompano Beach or over to Delray Beach? We’ve got local quick moves covered.

And if for some reason you happen to be moving ‘from’ Parkland, consider Veteran owned Veteran Moving Co!

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