Think You’ll Save Money With a DIY Move in South Florida?

DIY Move Pompano Beach Florida

Comparing the Costs of a Moving Yourself vs. a Professional Mover

Do You Remember the First Time You Moved?

You probably rented a truck, got a few friends together, and made a day of it. Your furniture was definitely the hand-me-down variety and your plates and glasses were probably a smorgasbord of styles. So what if a few things got knocked around, it was fun — wasn’t it?

Okay, so you hurt your back, but it felt better after a few beers at Duffys. And your couch? Only one leg broke off when it slid down that flight of condo stairs.

Not every do-it-yourself move is a disaster, but the possibility is always there. So why do so many people still decide to move themselves? Because they figure they’ll save a lot of money.

To decide if that’s true for you, use this moving estimate form to estimate the cost of handling your own South Florida move. The hidden costs in do-it-yourself moves are often unpleasant surprises you only find out about after you have moved. We have included them in this exercise to help you make an informed decision.

In many cases the cost savings of a do-it-yourself move balanced on the other end with the responsibility, liability and time loss, adds up to negligible savings. If that is the case for you, we would love to orchestrate your next move for you. From Pompano Beach to West Palm Beach, Parkland to Delray Beach, Veteran Moving Company’s highly rated, licensed, friendly and capable movers are ready for you! Want to learn more about what’s truly involved in a do it yourself move? Read on…

Renting a Truck

The first step in a do-it-yourself move is renting a truck. To determine what size truck you need, the rental firm will ask how many rooms you’re moving – 5 rooms would mean a 24 foot truck, more or less. If you’re experienced at loading and packing a truck, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you might have to add on a trailer. If you’re planning on turning in your truck at a location other than where you rented it, you’ll probably have to pay a special drop-off charge. Depending upon where you’re going, it could add hundreds of dollars to the rental cost.

Fuel & Repairs to the Rental Truck

Did the truck rental firm tell you you’d get 10 miles to the gallon? They’re right – if the truck is empty. But once it’s filled with your belongings, your mileage could be as little as 5 miles per gallon. If the truck needs repairs on the road, they’ll be paid for by the rental firm – when you turn the truck in. So be sure to have extra cash/credit on hand to cover any possible emergencies.

Moving Equipment

To make things easier, and safer, you’ll want to rent some moving equipment. Start with a hand truck – you’ll need to move heavy items like your refrigerator and washing machine. Add pads to protect your furniture – you’ll need at least twenty per room. Finish up with straps, tie-off ropes and a heavy padlock to keep everything secure in the truck. If you’re towing a car, you’ll also need to rent a tow bar.

Packing Materials

The cost of packing materials like boxes, crates, packing tape, bubble wrap, peanuts and padding can really add up fast. Once you have the materials, remember it always takes longer to pack than you think it will. You also need to know how to balance the load in the boxes, otherwise they will be unwieldy to lift. Packing and unpacking your family’s valuables is not as easy as it sounds. Packing valuables and antiques is also not something that should be left to amateurs. But don’t worry, you can always make a run to the UPS store and pay them to pack your antiques and valuables separately.


The transit insurance you buy from the rental firm covers liability on the truck and its contents – but only if the damage is caused by a fault in the truck itself. Cargo insurance, which covers your belongings in transit, is separate. And it isn’t usually a part of your homeowner’s policy either. Check with your insurance agent before you move, and make sure you’ve got the necessary coverage.

Loading & Unloading

Odds are you and your spouse can’t handle all the moving and loading yourselves. You might be able to get a few friends to help, but how hard do you really want to push them? Hiring a couple of men is probably the best idea. Find out if they have a minimum charge (often higher on weekends and holidays) and make sure they know what they’re doing. That’s not always easy to do if you don’t know what to look for. Just to be on the safe side, check that your insurance covers any damage or injury during the move – regardless of who is involved.

Renting and fueling trucks, finding the right moving boxes and packing equipment, packing up the boxes properly, finding a crew of helpers, being sure you have the right insurance, physically lifting everything, loading up and unloading everything and unpacking items and placing furniture etc. Yes, there are a lot of variables involved in a move here in South Florida, or anywhere for that matter, especially when you try to do it yourself!

If you’d like help from a professional mover who has done it successfully many times and has the amazing reviews to show for it, call South Florida’s favorite movers – Veteran Moving Company today!