Should You Make Your Move with Pros or DIY?

Moving is one the most unpleasant things to even think about, let alone accomplish. Planning and preparation take weeks, and the move is both physically and mentally exhausting, with the added stress of settling in a new location.


The most important decision you’ll have to make throughout your relocation is either hire a mover or do it yourself. Either approach may be viable; doing it yourself takes much more effort and preparation, but it is comparatively less expensive. Hiring movers make your life simpler, but you have to pay for that convenience.


Before you decide, we’re here to help you choose which technique is ideal for your future move.


Do It Yourself Move

If you are considering moving yourself, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • It’s Pocket-Friendly

When moving, you will merely bear the cost of packing goods and maybe pay for a rental truck. Moving containers are yet another cost-cutting solution (suck as U-Box PODS or U-Pack).


  • You Schedule the Time

If you are relocating yourself, you set the time for packing, loading, transporting whenever you want without worrying about the company’s availability.

If there’s a change of plans, you wouldn’t have to bear cancellation charges for changing your moving date.


  • The Control is in your Hand

When you’re in charge, you can control how your stuff is treated, how the truck is being loaded, and when it reaches your desired location.


  • You can Save yourself from Cons

While most moving companies are respectable and trustworthy, others can con you off your money. Moving oneself reduces the chance of being stripped of your money when finances are tight already.



  • Tons of Hard Work

Shifting is quite difficult, so many people use professional movers.

You have to meticulously pack all your personal belongings in cartons and also have to carry everything out of your home, load them into a truck/car all by yourselves.


  • It’s Physically Exhausting

Lifting and lugging large boxes, furniture, and appliances is physically exhausting.

Despite taking help from a few muscular friends, you are still susceptible to injuries, sprains, and aches.


  • You are Inexperienced

When you’re not quite used to moving, the chances are that you do not even know how to move large objects, protect your furniture, load or drive a truck.


With potential damage to your belongings and injuries, lack of experience can also make your shifting much more complicated and labor-intensive if you spend so much time attempting to squeeze your bulkiest belongings into the back of the truck.


  • You may be Absent from Work for a Longer Period than Anticipated

Moving will require more time away from work. While you will save money by performing the shifting yourself, but you may lose some by taking more days off.


Hiring Moving Professionals

If you are convinced that hiring professional movers is much more convenient for you, here’s what you should know.



  • You’ll get an Opportunity to Focus on other Activities

With a moving expert stacking, lifting, transporting, and in some cases even packing stuff for you, you will have a chance to reflect on thousands of much other stuff happening around that includes; caring for your young kids, preparing your pets to move, arranging utility services at the new house, and most importantly changing your new postal address.


  • They can Handle Heavy Lifting with Ease

Movers understand how to carry big objects safely and without causing harm to the items. Allowing experts to do the physically demanding tasks will reduce the stress of your moving experience.


  • They have Prior Experience

Movers are skilled professionals who know exactly how to wrap your furniture for safety, shield your walls and floors from destruction during the move, and put your items on the truck appropriately to save on space.



  • It may be Pretty Expensive

Hiring contractors might be highly expensive based on the distance and enormity of your move.

Finding professional and affordable movers necessitates extensive research, which may be time-consuming.


  • You Must put your Trust in them with your Property

Many people struggle to entrust their most valued items to strangers.

Accidents are inevitable, and hiring movers may not be for you if you prefer to be responsible for moving your stuff.


  • You’ll have to Work around their Schedule.

Circumstances can change, and if any emergency hampers moving the on day you booked your moving company, you may be fined with cancellation charges as compensation.


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