A Guide to Packing Your Valuables the Right Way

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If you’re moving to a new house soon, it’s probably time to start thinking about packing away your valuable items so that they stay safe during the move. Nothing is more disheartening than when you move into your new home and open up one of the packing boxes to find broken glass and ceramic.

Whether you pack your valuables by yourself or decide to hire movers, ensure that whoever is packing up your things knows what they are doing. Read ahead for a complete guide on how to pack your valuables the right way to prevent any breakage or damage from occurring.

Make an Inventory

You should start the packing process by inventorying all the valuable items you need to pack. You can start room by room and write down whatever you think of. Consider items made of glass, ceramics, metals like silver or brass, any artwork or sculptures you may have, and so on. The inventory will also help you list all of your valuables in case anything gets lost or misplaced.

Get All the Necessary Packing Materials

To ensure that everything stays safe during the move and makes it out in one piece, you need a lot of packing materials. You can’t just chuck valuable and delicate items into a box and call it a day. Some of the materials you’ll need include packing tape, bubble wrap, paper, peanuts, boxes, padding, and crates.

Tips for Packing Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic and glass are delicate and prone to breaks, cracks, and scratches. Any valuables made with ceramic or glass need extra care while packing. Pack all of the pieces separately and start by finding any weak points that require padding and support. Weak points could be cup handles, the rims on glasses, or the delicate necks on vases.

Start wrapping each item in tissue paper and use tape to secure the edges. Also, stuff any crevices or openings with tissue paper. Once fully covered, wrap the whole item in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Fit all of the items snugly in boxes and fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts. This will keep all the items in place and prevent anything from moving about and breaking.

Tips for Packing Metals

Metals are much more sturdy than glass or ceramic and are less likely to break. However, if not appropriately covered, they can get scratched or tarnished or even become dented if moved around roughly. Before you pack it away, clean and polish any of your silver and clean other metal items. Then, wrap it in a soft cloth to prevent scratches. You can use a special silver cloth or any regular flannel-like material. Wrap any handles or delicate parts in bubble wrap and secure them with tape.

Tips for Packing Art

Framed paintings and artwork can be worth a lot of money and can easily become damaged. You have to pack artwork in a way that protects it from extreme temperatures, any fluid spills, too much vibration, and strong impacts. Start with finding a box approximately the size of your framed painting. Line the box with rolls of paper to add cushioning. Wrap the corners of the frame with bubble wrap and secure it with tape to prevent impact. Next, use plastic sheets or paper to cover the artwork’s surface and tape it in place. Carefully transfer the artwork to your prepared box. For extra caution, label the box as fragile and add additional labels marked “this side up” or “do not lay flat.”

If you have very valuable art, getting custom crates made for transporting it might be worth it. These crates come with protective plexiglass, temperature control linings and are sized perfectly to your art.

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