How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move


Whether your new house is a few 100 miles away or in a new country, you will have to prepare in advance for the long-distance move. Before you start following our advice, we would like to say that you should refrain from trying DIY packing hacks that are too good to be true. You cannot carry your electrical appliances, kitchenware, and other items in one big cardboard box. Since cardboard is fragile, the results would be disastrous. 

While you can make a short-distance move with your car or by borrowing your friend’s pickup truck, we don’t recommend it for long-distance moves. Frequent trips in your car will not only waste your time but money on gas too.  

So, what’s the first step? 

Take FULL Control! 

It’s time to turn on your beast mode. When it comes to a long-distance move, there’s one thing you need to focus on: Managing time.  

You need to create a moving-to-Florida checklist that tells you what to do step by step. Packing your entire house into boxes can be overwhelming, which is why you need to have a plan in place. Mark your calendar with tasks so that you can check your progress. The moment you see that you are slacking, double your duties. You might tire yourself out, but you will be relaxing on the day before the move. 

Last but not least, sort out your tasks, so you know what to tackle first. The trick to ensuring that it doesn’t take too long to move your belongings is to move the big items first. If you have some small cartons, take them with you in your car. 

Now that you know how and where to start, let’s take a how to prepare for a long-distance move: 

Cancel or Update Your Accounts 

Set aside the tape and cardboard box for a minute. Apart from your personal belongings, there are a few other things you need to take care of first, such as canceling or updating your accounts. From your cable to internet, phone, gas and electric, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and gym membership, you need to cancel all. If there are subscriptions and other mail you can transfer to your new home, make the calls now! 

KonMari Your Stuff. Start the Munkensmat Life 

There are MANY things in your house that you need to KonMari away or eliminate for achieving your Munkensmat goals. Let us explain what we mean by this: 

Use Marie Kondo’s advice on “Tidying Up” by keeping things that “spark joy.” If this does not shorten your inventory, try the Munkensmat method. Known as Swedish Death Cleaning, this method teaches you to keep only those things that matter to you the most. It makes sense to declutter your house because more stuff equals more boxes that would need to be unpacked plus expensive truck rental plus increased anxiety about settling in plus… we can keep going. 

Hire a Mover 

Once you have sorted out everything, it’s time to search for a moving company. You are probably wondering where the step for packing goes, right? Well, if this is your first move, we suggest letting a professional pack all your belongings.  

Having made countless moves, they know how to pack what time. For example, you cannot move your furniture as they are. They should be wrapped in moving blankets to avoid any scratches. Special items, such as a piano, require care because even the slightest bump in the road can damage it. Crockery is packed in bubble wrap to avoid any cracks. Imagine opening the box labeled “DELICATE” only to find out all your plates and bowls are shattered. Don’t let it come to this! 

Pack the Necessary Items 

From your everyday clothing to hygiene products, important documents, medicine, and the first-aid kit, pack all these in a separate bag, so you are not hunting for them in your new house.  

Figure Out Where Everything Will Be Placed 

Forgetting what’s packed in a box and then finding out only after opening would be exhausting. When making the inventory, divide the items by the room they will go to. You can then color-code the boxes to know which one will go where.  

Prioritize Items 

The first room you would want to set is the bedroom. So, start your packing there. Make sure the boxes and furniture of this room are the last to go in the truck and the first to unload. You can then direct the movers to move and place them exactly where you want. 

Don’t forget to insure your belongings and never move jewelry or other important items in the truck.  

Follow our sensible tips, and you’ll successfully pack your house and be ready for the move. Congratulations on your new home! If you are looking for reliable movers in South Florida, contact Veteran Moving Co. The company offers affordable moving services for residential and commercial moves and local and long-distance moves. For a free quote, call 561-462-8082