Moving Tips That Will Help With Your Budget

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When planning a move for your home or business, it can be hard to stay within your budget. From finding a moving company to unpacking that last box, it’s easy to miss ways to help save money. The list never seems to end and neither do the expenses. Our simple moving tips can help put your mind and wallet at ease!

Veteran Moving Co. is an expert on cost-saving when it comes to moving from point A to point B. We are the premier moving company in South Florida. From Miami to Coconut Creek to West Palm Beach, we do it all. Our moving tips from years of experience are guaranteed to help trim your budget.

Moving Tips #1 – Declutter!

It’s time to clear out that closet. 

You know, the one in the spare bedroom that you haven’t seen the inside of for ages.

How about that exercise bike that has now become your unofficial clothes hanger? If you haven’t used it in a while you should decide if it’s time to get rid of it. 

Before you call the moving company, go through your home and take a good look. You will most likely find things that are just taking up space. These are things you can have removed before they get there. These are fewer things you’ll ultimately end up paying for. 

While you’re at it, you should try and make some money at the same time! A yard sale is probably the most popular method to declutter your home. There are other ways to avoid getting the moving company to move grandpa’s collection of ten-gallon hats. 

You should consider using the good old internet.

You can go on Facebook and join a yard sale group, or try Decluttr, a site that will help you unload your old media. Bookscouter can help you get rid of those textbooks from college that cost you an arm and a leg. Instead of collecting dust, give them a second life and make some cash. 

Moving Tips #2 – Move During The Off-Season.

October through April is the best time to hire a moving company. Summer is the peak time of the year for moving so costs which naturally rise. You might find better deals during non-peak times of the year and save some money. Call Veteran Moving Co. today, to see how much we can save you compared to every other moving company.

Moving Tips #3 – Donate Those Large Items.

After you’ve decluttered and sold your extra stuff, consider donating them. Thrift stores all around South Florida are ready and willing to take your old and unused items. Instead of having the moving company haul that old dresser to your new place, get a tax write-off by donating it! Just ask for a receipt and you can write the value off on your tax return.

Moving Tips #4 – Ask For A Reimbursement.

If you are moving because you are changing careers, your new employer might help. You should ask if they will pay for a moving company or compensate you for relocation. Even if they don’t pay for it all, partial compensation will make your wallet happy!

Moving Tips #5 – Get More Than One Quote.

You owe it to yourself to find the best moving company at the best price. Let them know in detail what you need them to do. This will help them give you an accurate price and avoid any unexpected costs. And it’s not just price, reputation means just as much. There are so many horror stories out there of bad moving experiences. A good way to avoid that is to read reviews by customers. 

We Can Help!

Veteran Moving Co. is family-owned and operated by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Our number one goal is customer service. We take great pride in our work and ensure that every South Florida customer arrives at their new home happily. Our moving company in Pompano Beach offers residential and commercial moving services. We also specialize in piano moving and offer packing and unpacking services.


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