How to Choose a Moving Company in Pompano Beach

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Whether you’re moving to Pompano Beach for the sunshine, beachfront properties, or tourist attractions, you’ve picked a great location. Now, here comes your next big decision: choosing a credible and affordable Pompano Beach moving company. 

With that, you’ll want to do the research to find a team that fits this description and that may not be easy. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives thousands of complaints annually regarding moving companies in the U.S. so you’ll definitely have your work cut out for you if you go this route. 

Instead of ruining your experience with a questionable company, read our tips for selecting the best moving company near you. You’ll see why Veteran Moving Co. hits the mark, whether you’re moving to or from Pompano Beach, Fl. 

Good Reviews & Referrals

When selecting a Pompano Beach moving company, you should search for a company with good customer reviews. A good place to start is the company’s website, which should provide positive testimonials that speak about their services. Be sure to also ask your friends, family, coworkers, and real estate agent for referrals. This will help you develop a list of real companies that have done business with people you trust.

Provides In-Home Estimate

Moving companies cannot provide you with an accurate estimate without getting an assessment to see what needs to be moved. Though it’s possible for your final estimate to change, it does help to get a ballpark figure so you know what to expect. This helps you prepare for the costs while comparing moving companies.

Also, it’s important to remember to get more than a verbal estimate after your assessment. It’s best to get something in writing, even if it’s a dollar amount provided to you on the back of a business card.  This gives you something you can use as a point of reference for both you and the company you are working with. 

At Veteran Moving Co., our Pompano Beach movers will gladly come to your home and provide you with a free moving estimate. 

Licensed Movers

If you’re moving from Pompano Beach and relocating out of state, make sure you select a licensed moving company. The federal government requires that movers be licensed for interstate travel, so verify their license with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Valid DOT credentials are also something you’ll want to check for. We proudly display our credentials on our site, click here to see what this looks like ( )

Moving Costs 

If you have a specific budget, get an idea of the moving company’s costs. In general, this will be provided during the in-home evaluation. Find out the average moving cost in your area, and don’t settle for a company with low estimates. 

Low estimates don’t automatically equal great service, so though you’re cutting costs, you may be risking quality.

When you choose an affordable moving company, such as Veteran Moving Co., make sure they have a good reputation and testimonials to show it! Our family-owned business emphasizes affordability, but our primary focus is customer service, and that’s evident in our reviews. 

Requires a Large Cash Deposit 

Be on the lookout for red flags that will tell you whether the company is reputable or potentially a scam. A major red flag is if the moving company asks for a large cash deposit before the move. Most legitimate moving companies wait until they’ve done an assessment and provided you with an official estimate before asking for a deposit. Not all requests for a deposit will be an indication of a “bad company”, but it is something you want to pay attention to, especially if it’s a large portion of the overall estimate.

Moving Services 

It’s important to know what type of mover you’re looking for and verify that the moving company you select can match your needs. If you’re moving from Pompano Beach and relocating out of state, make sure the company offers long-distance moving services. 

If you have large, bulky items, like a piano(,  the moving company must have the equipment and supplies to properly pack and prep these items for transport. 

Do you need basic services, such as loading and unloading, or do you also need the movers to pack/unpack and assemble/disassemble your belongings? Knowing exactly what you need prior to contacting the moving company will help articulate what your needs and costs will be.

Veteran Moving Co Can Help You Move to or From Pompano Beach, FL!

Whether you are moving to or from Pompano Beach, FL,  Veteran Moving Co. can help you! We’ve helped many people relocate and our Pompano Beach movers have done an exceptional job at helping them do so in a professional and affordable manner. If you’re considering moving to or from Pompano Beach, Fl and you’re looking for a moving company that can help you give us a call today at (561)264-4694.