4 Affordable Cities to Move to in South Florida

South Florida Moving Checklist

It may come as a surprise, but the cost of living in Florida is just a couple of points higher than the national average upon writing this article. If you live anywhere in South Florida, you may have your doubts, but it’s true – however, South Florida ranks as one of the most expensive markets in the country. Still, it’s a popular destination for out of staters to move to, thanks largely in part to its many attractions, great school systems, and easy beach access. It’s no wonder our moving company in West Palm Beach helps countless individuals move down south. The silver lining is, not all cities here are expensive. You just need to know where to look. After thorough research, we’ve come up with 4 affordable cities to live in.

Coconut Creek 

You’ll find Coconut Creek sandwiched between two expensive, well-known cities: Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. If you enjoy the convenience of living in a condominium, you can find many condos at a far more affordable price than other South Florida cities.  

If you enjoy quiet living, it has a small population that’s just over $61,000. Coconut Creek is a good place to move to, no matter what your age. It is among the safest places to live in Florida and is frequently ranked among the best cities to live in the U.S. If you’re looking for affordable services for your move, contact our moving company in West Palm Beach. The team at Veteran Moving Co is skilled in moves of all sizes, from apartments to homes, single-families to multi-families.

Vero Beach

Considered more East Florida than South, this city resides along the Indian River Lagoon and offers peaceful beaches, natural attractions, and culture for all who pass through. It’s a lovely place to live and an ideal location for retirees to plant new roots. Cost of living and housing expenses are lower than both Florida and the national average, so you don’t have to waste away every paycheck to live here. If you’re thinking about moving to Florida and factoring in costs, you can’t go wrong with this sunny destination. Our movers in West Palm Beach will help you get from point A to point Vero Beach whether you’re a local or long-distance mover. We can provide services even if you’re more than 100 miles from your new residence. We are highly skilled in the logistics and requirements of handling a move of this magnitude.


Most people down south want to be close to Miami but lack the finances to live there. Fortunately, there are several affordable cities in the surrounding area, such as Lauderhill. This is a pleasant, diverse location that’s ideal for young families. If you have young children, they’ll be in good company and Lauderhill abundantly caters to their needs with fun summer camps, training camps, and approximately 22 parks. There are a lot of amenities nearby and it’s just a short 30-minute drive from Miami. With all these pros, you may wonder if Lauderhill is actually affordable. The medium income is one of the lowest of all cities surrounding Miami, but residents can afford to live here, as the cost of living is considerably lower than the national average. So, if you’re planning to live here, our moving company in West Palm Beach can assist you. 

West Park

If you have a job in Miami, like many people in this part of Florida, living in West Park will make for an easy commute. West Park is just north of Miami-Dade County and is an affordable spot for home buyers. The cost of living is a little higher if you’re renting, as an average of roughly 38 percent of your income may go towards rent. However, it’s still considered an area with a very low cost of living and even if you’re renting, it’s still more affordable than many other South Florida cities. If you’re looking for other reasons to move here, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find favorable features, such as:

  • Lots of beautiful scenery, like West Lake Park and Oleta River State Park
  • Aquatic adventures, including popular eco-tour, Wild Lime Adventures
  • Great nightlife, such as the lively Hard Rock Casino
  • Outdoor activities, like Snake Warrior’s Island Natural Area

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