Moving Tips for Moving in South Florida

Packing and Moving in South Florida

Planning on moving in South Florida? The more you prepare, the smoother your move will be. Here are moving tips from professional South Florida movers Veteran Moving Company to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are moving to a duplex in Pompano, a condo on A1A in Delray Beach or a luxury gated community in Boca Raton, the more you plan ahead of time, the better things will go!

Moving Tip # 1 – Work Out All Details with Your Mover Prior to Move Day.

No two moves are exactly alike. When you tell your mover “I have a lot of items”, that means different things to different people. There’s a lot of gray area between “I have many items’ vs. “I only have a few items”, so try to make an accurate count of the number of items and more detail in terms of the types of items in each room. Perhaps make a piece of paper for kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2 etc. and list the furniture and the number of boxes in each room.

Moving in South Florida can be a challenge. Where is parking for the mover? Close or a distance away. If you are in a high rise building is there access to an elevator? Does your building need a certificate of insurance?

If there are no surprises for the mover, then there should be no surprises for you later on when you receive the final bill.

Moving Tip # 2 – Make Sure Your Furniture is Prepared to be Moved.

File cabinets should be emptied. Be sure to label any fragile items clearly as ‘FRAGILE’ on the box.

Dressers and chest should have all heavy and breakable items removed. Items shift when moving. If you would like to save time you can have your beds broken down and ready to be moved.

Moving Tip # 3 – Box Items Properly

Make sure you utilize all of the space in your boxes so your boxes do not collapse and there is no wasted space in the truck. Keep fragile items together and use lots of packing paper so items can not shift. Don’t forget to label your boxes fragile. For fragile items you may want to use a double walled moving box. The heavier the items the smaller the box. Keep all of your valuables with you. Learn more about how to you pack and unpack your items properly.

The heavier the items the smaller the box. In other words, don’t pack heavy items like books in large items because it may make the box extremely difficult to carry and it may break the box. Include some lighter items in the big boxes so as to balance the weight.

Keep all of your valuables with you at all times.

Moving Tip # 4  – The More Prepared You Are, the Smoother Your Move Will Go.

If you are packing yourself, make sure all items are boxed and labeled before the movers arrive.

Remember that you are hiring full service movers for a reason. This is their profession and they have moving experiences of all kinds. Moving in South Florida is what our company does every day. Feel free to ask questions ahead of time to help plan for a smoother move!

Veteran Moving Company in Pompano Beach, Florida has years of experience putting their moving tips to work for customers like you. Whether you are moving to South Florida or moving

away to another state, contact our moving company for a free quote today!