5 Tips to Protect Your Large Furniture While Traveling

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Are you preparing to transport large furniture? Not only is transporting furniture a hassle for many but you run the risk of damaging large furniture pieces if they’re not transported properly.

Luckily, getting your large furniture from point A to point B doesn’t have to be difficult. Here at Veteran Moving Company, we are movers in Fort Lauderdale and we want to make moving with large furniture easier for you.

Today we’ll provide you with the best tips when traveling with your large furniture.

Plan Ahead

Before you start moving furniture items, the first thing you want to do is create a plan. Take inventory of how many furniture pieces you have, what you plan to store your furniture in, whether you have enough room, and what complications you may have along the way.

The more you plan ahead, the more seamless the moving process will be. Ultimately, moving furniture is a lot of work. You want to reduce your workload as much as possible by knowing what you need and how you plan to get everything loaded on and off the moving truck.

Use Furniture Sliders

One issue with moving big furniture items is damaging hardwood floors and carpets. Items that are too heavy often get slid across the floor, leading to scratches.

Instead of dragging large items, consider using furniture sliders that let you easily pull furniture without causing damage.

Use a Dolly

Once you’ve gotten furniture pieces outside, you’ll need to be able to load them on the moving truck. If the furniture is too large, you’ll have a hard time getting it onto the truck, even with others helping.

The better option is to use a dolly, which enables you to pull large pieces onto the moving truck easily.

Carry Furniture the Correct Way

Even when large furniture pieces can be carried with the help of a few people, it’s important to have the right technique to protect you and anyone else who is helping.

In fact, carrying large items the wrong way can lead to a back injury. To avoid this, always lift with your legs and not your back. In addition to this, be sure to bend your knees rather than your waist. This will minimize the physical stress caused by heavy lifting.

Hire Movers in Fort Lauderdale

Hiring residential and commercial movers in South Florida is the best way to get your large furniture transported with ease. While it’s certainly possible to move your furniture on your own, a moving company can do all of the work on your behalf.

At Veteran Moving Company, we have a team of reliable and experienced residential and commercial movers in South Florida. Whether you have a local move or long distance, we have you covered.

It’s best to have a team that can pay attention to detail, has the right equipment, and dedicated people to get the job done. Ultimately, we want to help you ship your large furniture easily, quickly, and safely. Contact us today if you would like a quote for your next move.