What Makes One Moving Company Better Than Another?

What to Look for When Searching for a Trustworthy Moving Company


Choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to do business with can be difficult in today’s quick-moving professional landscape. Many companies and individuals have a slick website and solid customer service capabilities, but when the time comes for them to deliver the promised goods and/or services, they often fall short of expectations.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly important that anyone who’s moving into a new home consult a proven, effective moving company. Less-than-stellar moving companies—even those that sound and look professional until it’s time to work—can lose property, damage property, and otherwise make the inherently time-consuming process of moving that much harder.

With all this in mind, the question becomes, What makes one moving company better than another? How can world-class companies be spotted? How can low-quality companies be identified and avoided?

The short answer to these questions is this: a number of factors, certifications, and signs indicate that a moving company is better than another—and better than the rest of the companies. In other words, low-quality companies don’t really need to be spotted if customers are always searching for
high-quality organizations.

Let’s take a look at some common characteristics of tremendous moving companies!

A Positive Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating


The Better Business Bureau issues ratings to thousands upon thousands of businesses. Moving companies—and other companies—that aren’t well-reviewed by the BBB probably aren’t worth hiring. The BBB has served as the “golden standard” of third-party reviewers for more than a century.

Inversely, companies that boast a perfect or near-perfect BBB rating, like Florida’s own Veteran Moving Co., are almost certainly worth doing business with.


Great moving companies are organized moving companies.

Organization is an integral ingredient in the recipe for moving success. Schedules must be organized so customers receive the help they need at the date and time that was agreed upon; loading and packaging procedures must be organized to prevent property from sustaining damage; and driving routes must be organized to avoid accidents and difficulties.

Veteran Moving Co. is owned and operated by a proud United States Marine Corps veteran. Moving companies don’t necessarily need to be run with military precision to be organized, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!


The moving process almost always brings with it some unforeseen difficulties or issues. Perhaps anitem will end up being just too large to fit through the front door; maybe especially delicate items will need to be packaged according to the client’s specifications.

Whatever the case, professional moving companies will be more than willing to help clients adapt to and overcome the unexpected moving considerations they encounter. On the other hand,unprofessional companies—those that put money first and the client last—simply won’t be willing todo so.

Veteran Moving Co., thanks to the aforementioned Marine Corps values, is professional in every sense; the company’s employees are capable of overcoming any and all left-field moving considerations.

Positive Online Reviews and Ratings

Last but certainly not least, a moving company’s online reviews and ratings are useful indicators of the quality of offered services. Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms feature real reviews from real people; companies that are unable to meet the needs of clients receive negative reviews and suffer from less-than-desirable ratings.

Veteran Moving Co. has long received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

In a testament to just how much there is to enjoy and appreciate in “The Sunshine State,” nearly 1000 people make the full-time move to Florida each day; what’s more is that this trend doesn’t seem to be showing any signs at all of slowing down.

Whether a client is moving to a different part of Florida or to an out-of-state location, Veteran Moving Co. is standing by to help. The company is based out of Pompano Beach and offers moving services to virtually all South Florida residents, including those who live in the commercially desirable cities of Parkland and Delray Beach. Additionally, those who live out-of-town and are moving to SoFlo can be accommodated, as can residents of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to contact Veteran Moving Co.!