Veteran Moving Co. Has Some Advice for Holiday Moving

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5 tips for ensuring your seasonal move goes off without a hitch

Veteran Moving Co. of Pompano Beach has already offered 6 Essential Tips for Moving to South Florida During COVID-19, but moving during the holidays presents its own set of challenges. It doesn’t matter if your move is happening because of military service, a job relocation, or simply the desire to live in a warmer climate during a pandemic, moving does not always happen at the most convenient time.

Being honest, no one likes to pack or move during the holidays, yet more families move during the fall and winter months than many would imagine. If you find yourself having to move during the holidays, Veteran Moving knows just how hectic that can be, and we want to help.

Veteran Moving has learned a few things over the years, and even if you choose another moving company to get you settled, we want to reduce your anxiety all the same. The good news is that you can stay organized and still enjoy the holidays with your family and friends…

  1. Plan your holiday get-togethers elsewhere

Sure, your family has spent the last however-many years hosting holiday parties at your home. However, life throws big changes at us and we must adapt to survive. As it isn’t advised to have large gatherings this year anyway, try to arrange smaller gathering at other people’s homes, or host a potluck, where everyone brings a dish. Even catering assures less stress. The less you have to do from the home you are packing to leave, the better.

  1. Take advantage of Black Friday for picking up your moving supplies

Research what deals your local home office supply store may be running for Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Retailers often mark supplies down throughout the month of December, and you can get boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and more for significantly less.

  1. Maybe don’t pack all the holiday decorations

Most of the time, holiday decorations and a lot of other non-essential items stored in the attic are not even a thought until it comes time for packing. Do yourself a favor and take an inventory of those items. Sure, you may want to scale back on the holiday decorating, but you don’t have to skip the season entirely. That said, be sure to pack up everything you are not using. The more you pack now, the easier the move will be. Label boxes with room names and number them according to your priorities, so you know which boxes need to be unpacked first, and which can go back to collecting dust in the new attic.

  1. Avoid burnout when packing

Start thinking about rooms you can pack up that won’t impact any holiday gatherings. If you aren’t having guests over, you can start packing the closets and guest bedrooms and stuff in storage first. And create a staging area for boxes and supplies in a guest room or garage, so your entire home isn’t a maze of packing materials.

  1. Try to foresee the unforeseen

In addition to making a checklist of the utilities, home services, and everything else you will need to transfer on your schedule, use this time to lock down a mover. It is considered high season, so you may have to pay a premium, and you’ll want to confirm and reconfirm the reservation days before, as the holidays can make people and companies more forgetful. Confirm the dates and pricing of the moving or truck rental company and keep all your records in a binder or on your phone to ensure information can be pulled quickly and easily on the day of your move.

One suggestion we are tempted to make but hesitate because we know just how much this sort of thing happens without warning: Block off a month to organize your move in a calendar…if at all possible, which it probably isn’t. Regardless of your timeframe, you should take an assessment of how much time you have before your move and work backwards from there. Allow yourself time to pack as leisurely as possible or ask for help from a moving company to expedite everything.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Veteran Moving for a FREE estimate by clicking here or calling us at 561.414.3620. The holidays are already stressful enough, trying to rush a move will only pile more anxiety on top.