Important Tips When Moving During the Holidays

Movers at a home in Delray Beach during Covid-19

It may be the holidays, but life must go on. Some people plan big moves before the holiday season because they want a fresh start when the new year rolls in. The good news is that anything is possible, including a holiday move. The bad news is probably obvious: you may find the move to be overwhelming, as moving is stressful even when it isn’t the holiday season. Nevertheless, if you are committed to doing this, we recommend enlisting professional moving help from the Veteran Moving Co. in Fort Lauderdale. Next, get organized, notify your family, and apply these tips for a successful move.

Plan Ahead – At Least One Month

Like with any trip, you should plan the details in advance – preferably one month in advance, at least. When you give yourself several weeks to pack for a move, the task becomes significantly less stressful. If you did not give yourself that much time, don’t stress. You can speed up the process by contacting a moving company, such as the Veteran Moving Co. in Fort Lauderdale. Our team can do residential moves (with or without a piano) local or long-distance. We can do all the packing and unpacking once you have reached your destination.

Create Two Budgets

Moves can be costly. Unfortunately, holiday shopping can also be costly. When you combine these two activities, you could end up spending more than you anticipated. To prevent this, create a moving budget and a holiday budget. Factor in every detail. If you are moving with a spouse, you can work on each budget separately, and then review each other’s budgets. When planning one for your move, consider that you may need to pay extra to find professional help during the holidays. Additionally, reservations can easily be canceled this time of year, so confirm that everything is good to go weeks, days, and the day before.

Re-Use Delivery Boxes

If you are doing a lot of online holiday shopping and those packaging boxes are quickly piling up, re-use them. One thing that can cause grievance while moving is scrounging up boxes for packing. Buying new boxes always seems like a waste of money, especially with the ridiculous prices they’re marked at when you shop at certain locations.

This useful tip will help keep your budget in check (even the little things matter) while saving you time. While you’re at it, ask friends and family members to do the same. That way, if you’re short on boxes, you can use a few of theirs.

Do a Kind Deed – While Getting Rid of What You Don’t Need

We all carry around items we don’t need. Moving creates the perfect opportunity to separate the essentials from the non-essentials. If you find yourself with several items that you haven’t used in years and they are in good condition, consider donating them to a charity.

Enjoy the Holiday Festivities

Remember that it’s still the holidays, so try to enjoy yourself. Even if you can’t host gatherings and get-togethers at your house this year, carve out time to celebrate elsewhere. Perhaps friends and family will join you next year at your new home. Additionally, while you may not decorate every knick and cranny of your house, leave out a few decorations to spruce up the place and pack away the remainder. You are still living there, so enjoy it while you can.

Contact the Veteran Moving Company in Fort Lauderdale

Moving can be stressful – so can the holidays. When you combine the two, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. However, as long as you stay organized, plan ahead (for the expected and unexpected), and create multiple budgets, everything should go smoothly.

You’re not alone in this. Contact our professional team for residential, commercial, long-distance, or in-state moves. Our priority has always and will always be high-quality customer service. For professional and reliable moving help in Fort Lauderdale, contact the Veteran Moving Company. Call 561-462-8082 for a free moving quote.