7 Moving Tips for Veterans

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Moving to a new state or a house can be a great family adventure. As your prepare to pack your belongings, follow our tips to stay on top of everything. After all, moving might seem easy, but it’s more complicated than you think. You might have to remove unwanted items and stay liquid-free a month before your moving company is scheduled to arrive. So follow our guide for moving to a new house and save the unnecessary hassle.¬†

7 Hassle-Free Moving Tips for Veterans 

Besides hiring your local moving company and researching your new place, there are tons of things you must accomplish. Here is everything you need to do before you move to your new house. 

  • Start Planning At The Right Time¬†

Military personals are very punctual, and this habit can get the best of them. Planning months before your moving date might seem like a good idea, but it’ll only cause stress. Some moving chores aren’t accomplished until the last month before moving. Packing essentials and daily items should be left for the last few days. Therefore, planning 2 months before moving and packing a month before is the ideal time.¬†

  • Remove Unwanted Items

Moving to a new house, state, or city can give you the fresh start you always wanted. So, why drag old and unnecessary items? Adapt a de-cluttering technique and remove 5 items every day, 1 month before moving. Set up a small garage sale and sell unwanted items. You’ll make some money for gas and food for your trip, and your house will lose some weight in the process. You can even put your items for sale on Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. Because “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

  • Start Cleaning on Overdrive Mode¬†

A month before your movers arrive will be the most hectic time of your life. From clearing utility bills to filing insurance documents, everything will pop-up up all of a sudden. This is the perfect time to take as much stress as you can so you can relax in your new home. So, put your washer in overdrive and start cleaning curtains, bedsheets, bedcovers, and whatever you have in the house. When you get to your new home, you can sit back and relax because you have wrapped up a month’s work in a few weeks.¬†

  • Keep Inventory¬†

Keep inventory of all the items you have in your house. You can manually write everything on paper or take pictures of your cabinets. Referring back to pictures to count inventory is easier compared to manual documentation. You already have a stack of papers with you; why add more documents to it when you record everything on your cell phone? Put your children on this job, and they’ll enjoy taking pictures of all the things you have in your house.¬†

  • Take a Picture of Your Electrical Appliances¬†

Connecting power cables in your new house is the most challenging task. If you forget where the cables went in your TV, you’ll spend your entire day figuring it out through trial and error. Take a picture of the back of your TV, Computer, Xbox, Playstation, and any other electrical appliance you have. This will save time in your new house.¬†

  • Go Liquid-Free¬†

Once your moving company arrives, a massive stack of liquid will magically appear in the kitchen. After all, everyone needs water, beer, and other liquids. Plus, the giant detergent you bought last month is still there, so what do you do? The best solution to this slippery problem is to make a game of making do with what you have a month before moving. Don’t buy an expensive shampoo bottle or a 30-year-old wine bottle to celebrate at your new house. You can do all of that when you move to your new place.¬†

  • Throw Out Your Old Stuff¬†

Somethings just can’t go with you to your new house. One of those items is your toilet brush. There is no need to pack your toilet brush as it will only add foul odor to your other items. So, use that bad boy one last time in your old home and leave it there. You might be helping someone who forgot to buy or pack their toilet brush and broom while moving.¬†

Final Thoughts

Parkland veteran movers find it challenging to move to a new house because their family has gotten used to the environment. However, if you feel like moving is a good decision, hold on to the positive things about going to a new location. The Veteran Moving Company can make your moving experience positive, fun, and hassle-free. You can talk to a moving expert for a free quote by dialing  561-264-4694 or by visiting their website for more information.