Cross Country or Local: 5 Reasons Moving is Hard No Matter The Distance

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While moving across the country to a different city requires a longer drive, many of the challenges involved in a move are the same regardless of the distance. A moving company in South Florida can help lighten the burden of any type of move, but it’s equally important to plan your move well in advance. A strong plan will help you avoid many of the challenges that will make your move more stressful. 

Packing is a Nightmare 

The process of packing up your belongings for a move is complicated and frustrating since it involves knowing what items to pack first. You’ll want to ensure you can get to important items quickly, so things like medication, hygiene equipment, and frequently worn clothes should be packed last. You should also decide which items can be sold or discarded to make the job of packing easier. Once you have your belongings sorted out, leave the actual packing to a safe moving company. That will leave you free to concentrate on other details. 

Pets and Children Get in the Way 

If you have pets or young children, packing and moving will leave them feeling nervous and scared. This may cause them to get underfoot as your movers are packing things up and you’re tending to other important details. Try boarding your pets for a few hours on moving day. You may also want to ask a relative or friend to look after your children. Getting your kids and pets out of the home during crucial times can make this process easier. 

Moving Always Costs More Than You Anticipate 

As you create your budget for moving, pad it by 20% to help you cover unexpected expenses. You should also pack a cooler with bottled water and snacks. Bringing your own food will save you from spending more money at fast-food restaurants. It will also help you stay on the road, so you can stick to the schedule you established with your moving company in South Florida. 

You Will Miss Work 

You should expect to be out of work and lose some of your income for a few days or perhaps longer than a week. One option is to ask your employer if you can work remotely during this period. Otherwise, you should save up enough income to cover the period during which you’ll be moving. 

The Risk of Identity Theft is Higher 

Several weeks before you move, you should start changing your mailing address with creditors, subscription services, and utility companies. It’s also important to file a change of address with the U.S. Post Office. While a safe moving company will protect your belongings, it will be up to you to protect your identity and finances. 

When you hire veteran movers to help you relocate to your new home, you’ll be doing your part to keep our nation’s veterans employed. Additionally, you’ll get packing and moving services you can trust. Professional movers will help you get to your new home sooner and without feeling as stressed or anxious about the experience.