9 Things Movers Want You to Know

Piano Movers

Moving is a difficult step for all and requires a lot of cooperation between the homeowners and the moving company to smoothly and safely move all their items into the new house. Delicate but heavy instruments need professional movers such as a piano, movers pompano beach are gladly skilled at it. 

Moving companies and movers have to interact with a bunch of people every day, and everyone has different needs and demands. Piano movers Here are a few things that movers want homeowners to know to make this process smoother.

Let Them Do Their Job

We know all homeowners want to feel included in the process of moving to ensure all their products are safe, especially fragile and expensive belongings. But it is important to trust them and let them do their job. You hired Veteran Moving Company for a reason; they know how to do their job and are great at it.

They are experienced at what they do and have moved furniture, equipment, and fragile items for many homeowners before you. You’ll feel less stressed if you trust them and let them do their work, and the movers won’t feel micromanaged. 

Finish Packing Before Moving Day

Some moving companies will pack for you, but this only happens when you avail of that service. If you pay them to pack for you, then they must get it done. However, most homeowners don’t want to splurge on the additional cost and pack everything themselves.

The moving company would appreciate it if you get all the packing done before they arrive to move things out. It will be a waste of their time if you’re still packing while they wait to move your things.

Hold onto Valuable Items

Certain items can get misplaced during moving. And if it is your valuable items, movers don’t want to feel burdened moving those; most homeowners end up accusing them of misplacing them. To avoid the hassle, keep your jewelry and cash with you in your purse instead of putting them in the boxes to be moved. 

Label The Boxes with Their Intended Destination

There are so many boxes to move that it can get confusing to know exactly where to keep them all. To make the movers’ lives easy, make sure to label each box with the destination; if something is supposed to go into the living room, write living room on it.

This tip will make moving hassle-free and less time-consuming for movers as well as homeowners as they won’t have to instruct the workers where to keep each box.

Always Label the Box Clearly If Something Is Fragile

Other than labeling the destination, it is also necessary to label fragile objects; movers don’t want to be accused of breaking something they didn’t know was fragile. So if something you packed is fragile, label it, so movers can handle it delicately and ensure it doesn’t break at any cost.

Make Sure They Have Easy, Hassle-Free Access

Your movers will appreciate it if you help guide them where they can park their trucks and how they can easily access your house to move your belongings. If they accidentally park in the wrong area or there are time limitations to parking, inform them beforehand. Like anybody else, they won’t like getting a parking ticket.

Also, make sure the entry of the house or apartment is not obstructed with boxes and things, this will make moving items and boxes out of the door a hassle for them.

Don’t Pack Heavy Items in Large Boxes

Don’t overload boxes and avoid stuffing all the heavy items into one box; it will be a hassle for the movers to move everything downstairs into their trucks. For example, keeping all your book collection in one box; will make the box extremely heavy to carry. The movers at Veteran Moving Company would not mind carrying extra boxes, but carrying full heavy boxes can injure them.

Empty your Furniture

Leaving all your belongings inside the drawers and cupboards will not only make them heavier to carry but also result in sliding drawers and things falling out if they are not properly secured. Even if you want to leave your things inside, make sure to plastic wrap or tie the drawers back to prevent them from falling.

Don’t Disappear On Your Movers

Yes, movers at Veteran Moving Company don’t want you to micromanage them but would appreciate your presence there so they can ask you if they are confused about something.

Wrapping It Up

Moving is a difficult process for both; the homeowners as well as the movers. By cooperating and helping each other, moving can go a lot smoother and hassle-free. Click here to hire professional movers for moving your items.