Determining the Right Time of Year to Move

There are many factors that go into figuring out the best time of year for the move you have in mind. This includes issues such as the climate where you live and where you’re planning to move. It also includes whether or not you have children as well as the day of the week and the holiday season.  

The Climate 

As any moving company will tell its clients, one of the single most important things to bear in mind is the climate. Climate can be quite changeable. For example, if you are looking for moving help in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to keep in mind the heat and humidity that are common in this part of the country. You’ll also want to remember that climate can change from season to season. If you are going to move during the hurricane season, you’ll want to take specific precautions to protect your most important items.  

Your Household Composition 

Another factor that will influence when you choose to move is the number of people in your overall household. If you are moving with kids, you’ll want to work closely with their school schedules. It’s a good idea to contact the regional school district and find out what you need to do to make sure you’re meeting all deadlines as you move. Many parents look to move before the summer break or between semesters.  

The Day of the Week 

The day of the week is another thing to think about when you are hiring moving help in Fort Lauderdale. Many people tend to aim to move on weekends. That’s why it can be harder to move at the end of the week. If you find there are a lot of bookings, a move on a weekday might be easier. Moving during the week also means you’ll find more stores are open if you need moving supplies. It also means that, if you’re moving into an apartment building, staffers can make sure you have access to a service elevator.  

The Holiday Season 

Holidays occur year-round. That’s why a moving company will tell you to keep an eye out for any holiday that is near your planned move. That includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July. It also includes other holidays like Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day that can impede your ability to get your move completed. If you are moving during a holiday, make sure you allow extra time to complete it.  

Making a move is a chance to start anew. It’s also a chance to make new friends and connect with a community. If you are going to move, working with reliable movers from a great moving company can help you get things done. Knowing the best time to move can also make your move flow smoothly.