A Guide to Packing Your Valuables the Right Way

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If you’re moving to a new house soon, it’s probably time to start thinking about packing away your valuable items so that they stay safe during the move. Nothing is more disheartening than when you move into your new home and open up one of the packing boxes to find broken glass and ceramic.

Whether you pack your valuables by yourself or decide to hire movers, ensure that whoever is packing up your things knows what they are doing. Read ahead for a complete guide on how to pack your valuables the right way to prevent any breakage or damage from occurring.

Make an Inventory

You should start the packing process by inventorying all the valuable items you need to pack. You can start room by room and write down whatever you think of. Consider items made of glass, ceramics, metals like silver or brass, any artwork or sculptures you may have, and so on. The inventory will also help you list all of your valuables in case anything gets lost or misplaced.

Get All the Necessary Packing Materials

To ensure that everything stays safe during the move and makes it out in one piece, you need a lot of packing materials. You can’t just chuck valuable and delicate items into a box and call it a day. Some of the materials you’ll need include packing tape, bubble wrap, paper, peanuts, boxes, padding, and crates.

Tips for Packing Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic and glass are delicate and prone to breaks, cracks, and scratches. Any valuables made with ceramic or glass need extra care while packing. Pack all of the pieces separately and start by finding any weak points that require padding and support. Weak points could be cup handles, the rims on glasses, or the delicate necks on vases.

Start wrapping each item in tissue paper and use tape to secure the edges. Also, stuff any crevices or openings with tissue paper. Once fully covered, wrap the whole item in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Fit all of the items snugly in boxes and fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts. This will keep all the items in place and prevent anything from moving about and breaking.

Tips for Packing Metals

Metals are much more sturdy than glass or ceramic and are less likely to break. However, if not appropriately covered, they can get scratched or tarnished or even become dented if moved around roughly. Before you pack it away, clean and polish any of your silver and clean other metal items. Then, wrap it in a soft cloth to prevent scratches. You can use a special silver cloth or any regular flannel-like material. Wrap any handles or delicate parts in bubble wrap and secure them with tape.

Tips for Packing Art

Framed paintings and artwork can be worth a lot of money and can easily become damaged. You have to pack artwork in a way that protects it from extreme temperatures, any fluid spills, too much vibration, and strong impacts. Start with finding a box approximately the size of your framed painting. Line the box with rolls of paper to add cushioning. Wrap the corners of the frame with bubble wrap and secure it with tape to prevent impact. Next, use plastic sheets or paper to cover the artwork’s surface and tape it in place. Carefully transfer the artwork to your prepared box. For extra caution, label the box as fragile and add additional labels marked “this side up” or “do not lay flat.”

If you have very valuable art, getting custom crates made for transporting it might be worth it. These crates come with protective plexiglass, temperature control linings and are sized perfectly to your art.

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Should You Make Your Move with Pros or DIY?

Moving is one the most unpleasant things to even think about, let alone accomplish. Planning and preparation take weeks, and the move is both physically and mentally exhausting, with the added stress of settling in a new location.


The most important decision you’ll have to make throughout your relocation is either hire a mover or do it yourself. Either approach may be viable; doing it yourself takes much more effort and preparation, but it is comparatively less expensive. Hiring movers make your life simpler, but you have to pay for that convenience.


Before you decide, we’re here to help you choose which technique is ideal for your future move.


Do It Yourself Move

If you are considering moving yourself, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • It’s Pocket-Friendly

When moving, you will merely bear the cost of packing goods and maybe pay for a rental truck. Moving containers are yet another cost-cutting solution (suck as U-Box PODS or U-Pack).


  • You Schedule the Time

If you are relocating yourself, you set the time for packing, loading, transporting whenever you want without worrying about the company’s availability.

If there’s a change of plans, you wouldn’t have to bear cancellation charges for changing your moving date.


  • The Control is in your Hand

When you’re in charge, you can control how your stuff is treated, how the truck is being loaded, and when it reaches your desired location.


  • You can Save yourself from Cons

While most moving companies are respectable and trustworthy, others can con you off your money. Moving oneself reduces the chance of being stripped of your money when finances are tight already.



  • Tons of Hard Work

Shifting is quite difficult, so many people use professional movers.

You have to meticulously pack all your personal belongings in cartons and also have to carry everything out of your home, load them into a truck/car all by yourselves.


  • It’s Physically Exhausting

Lifting and lugging large boxes, furniture, and appliances is physically exhausting.

Despite taking help from a few muscular friends, you are still susceptible to injuries, sprains, and aches.


  • You are Inexperienced

When you’re not quite used to moving, the chances are that you do not even know how to move large objects, protect your furniture, load or drive a truck.


With potential damage to your belongings and injuries, lack of experience can also make your shifting much more complicated and labor-intensive if you spend so much time attempting to squeeze your bulkiest belongings into the back of the truck.


  • You may be Absent from Work for a Longer Period than Anticipated

Moving will require more time away from work. While you will save money by performing the shifting yourself, but you may lose some by taking more days off.


Hiring Moving Professionals

If you are convinced that hiring professional movers is much more convenient for you, here’s what you should know.



  • You’ll get an Opportunity to Focus on other Activities

With a moving expert stacking, lifting, transporting, and in some cases even packing stuff for you, you will have a chance to reflect on thousands of much other stuff happening around that includes; caring for your young kids, preparing your pets to move, arranging utility services at the new house, and most importantly changing your new postal address.


  • They can Handle Heavy Lifting with Ease

Movers understand how to carry big objects safely and without causing harm to the items. Allowing experts to do the physically demanding tasks will reduce the stress of your moving experience.


  • They have Prior Experience

Movers are skilled professionals who know exactly how to wrap your furniture for safety, shield your walls and floors from destruction during the move, and put your items on the truck appropriately to save on space.



  • It may be Pretty Expensive

Hiring contractors might be highly expensive based on the distance and enormity of your move.

Finding professional and affordable movers necessitates extensive research, which may be time-consuming.


  • You Must put your Trust in them with your Property

Many people struggle to entrust their most valued items to strangers.

Accidents are inevitable, and hiring movers may not be for you if you prefer to be responsible for moving your stuff.


  • You’ll have to Work around their Schedule.

Circumstances can change, and if any emergency hampers moving the on day you booked your moving company, you may be fined with cancellation charges as compensation.


Looking For Movers in West Palm Beach?

If you want to avoid the struggle of moving yourself and are looking for movers in West Palm Beach, Veteran Moving Company could be a great option.


They will transport your household belongings from point A to point B with the utmost care and efficiency. They can help you with your relocation no matter what your requirements are.


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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move


Whether your new house is a few 100 miles away or in a new country, you will have to prepare in advance for the long-distance move. Before you start following our advice, we would like to say that you should refrain from trying DIY packing hacks that are too good to be true. You cannot carry your electrical appliances, kitchenware, and other items in one big cardboard box. Since cardboard is fragile, the results would be disastrous. 

While you can make a short-distance move with your car or by borrowing your friend’s pickup truck, we don’t recommend it for long-distance moves. Frequent trips in your car will not only waste your time but money on gas too.  

So, what’s the first step? 

Take FULL Control! 

It’s time to turn on your beast mode. When it comes to a long-distance move, there’s one thing you need to focus on: Managing time.  

You need to create a moving-to-Florida checklist that tells you what to do step by step. Packing your entire house into boxes can be overwhelming, which is why you need to have a plan in place. Mark your calendar with tasks so that you can check your progress. The moment you see that you are slacking, double your duties. You might tire yourself out, but you will be relaxing on the day before the move. 

Last but not least, sort out your tasks, so you know what to tackle first. The trick to ensuring that it doesn’t take too long to move your belongings is to move the big items first. If you have some small cartons, take them with you in your car. 

Now that you know how and where to start, let’s take a how to prepare for a long-distance move: 

Cancel or Update Your Accounts 

Set aside the tape and cardboard box for a minute. Apart from your personal belongings, there are a few other things you need to take care of first, such as canceling or updating your accounts. From your cable to internet, phone, gas and electric, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and gym membership, you need to cancel all. If there are subscriptions and other mail you can transfer to your new home, make the calls now! 

KonMari Your Stuff. Start the Munkensmat Life 

There are MANY things in your house that you need to KonMari away or eliminate for achieving your Munkensmat goals. Let us explain what we mean by this: 

Use Marie Kondo’s advice on “Tidying Up” by keeping things that “spark joy.” If this does not shorten your inventory, try the Munkensmat method. Known as Swedish Death Cleaning, this method teaches you to keep only those things that matter to you the most. It makes sense to declutter your house because more stuff equals more boxes that would need to be unpacked plus expensive truck rental plus increased anxiety about settling in plus… we can keep going. 

Hire a Mover 

Once you have sorted out everything, it’s time to search for a moving company. You are probably wondering where the step for packing goes, right? Well, if this is your first move, we suggest letting a professional pack all your belongings.  

Having made countless moves, they know how to pack what time. For example, you cannot move your furniture as they are. They should be wrapped in moving blankets to avoid any scratches. Special items, such as a piano, require care because even the slightest bump in the road can damage it. Crockery is packed in bubble wrap to avoid any cracks. Imagine opening the box labeled “DELICATE” only to find out all your plates and bowls are shattered. Don’t let it come to this! 

Pack the Necessary Items 

From your everyday clothing to hygiene products, important documents, medicine, and the first-aid kit, pack all these in a separate bag, so you are not hunting for them in your new house.  

Figure Out Where Everything Will Be Placed 

Forgetting what’s packed in a box and then finding out only after opening would be exhausting. When making the inventory, divide the items by the room they will go to. You can then color-code the boxes to know which one will go where.  

Prioritize Items 

The first room you would want to set is the bedroom. So, start your packing there. Make sure the boxes and furniture of this room are the last to go in the truck and the first to unload. You can then direct the movers to move and place them exactly where you want. 

Don’t forget to insure your belongings and never move jewelry or other important items in the truck.  

Follow our sensible tips, and you’ll successfully pack your house and be ready for the move. Congratulations on your new home! If you are looking for reliable movers in South Florida, contact Veteran Moving Co. The company offers affordable moving services for residential and commercial moves and local and long-distance moves. For a free quote, call 561-462-8082 

How to Plan and Prepare for a Commercial Move

Moving is a highly daunting experience and can be troublesome if not properly managed. It’s even a bigger hassle if you plan to move your business; even the most organized owners panic when it comes to a commercial move. Since relocations can be tricky and come with the responsibility of efficiently carrying out the process without any loss, it is normal for some owners to panic as the number of tasks can leave you overwhelmed. While you may approach commercial movers in South Florida, here are some important tips that will help you plan and prepare for a commercial move.   

Inform Your Employees: 

Your business might be growing each day but don’t forget the one thing that keeps your business running is your employees. When planning to relocate, you first need to inform your employees. Strong communication with employees leads to making a closely-knitted and efficient team. Your employees are your first asset, and some may rely on public transport, or their homes might be at a distance. They need to know about the relocation to find alternatives accordingly. Communicating with your employees will help in a smoother transition.  

Early Planning: 

Early and proper planning helps to make the move hassle-free and easier. The amount of time required for preparation depends on the size of your business. It takes a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months to prepare before moving. Follow these simple steps for a properly planned and well-managed move: 

Conduct an Assessment: 

Do a thorough survey and conduct a detailed assessment before vacating whether the building needs any repairs. Keep in mind the place you’re moving to and assess if a piece of certain furniture is required at your new location or not, go through documents or other office items and storage. Take an estimate of the size and the moving help needed to carry the pieces. Ask your logistics team to conduct several such surveys to ensure nothing is missed.  


Don’t leave the purging for the last minute. Once the assessment is done, it will be easier for you to discard unwanted documents, files, furniture, or unnecessary supplies. Make sure you cover each office area to purge methodologically and lightly pack for the next place. 

Packing Personal and Office Items: 

Commercial movers in South Florida recommend light packing for trouble-free moving. To keep the office organized, request your employees pack their items to reduce effort and save time. Moving to a new location and plunging into a pool of boxes to find a certain item is what you will never want. A smart tip is to sort files and label your boxes; you can also pack breakable and delicate objects in fragile boxes, ask the moving help to handle them carefully, and stick a label with a list of items placed inside. It will help unpack each box quickly and efficiently organize your new office.   

Packing Electronics: 

The most vital need of any business is its data. To avoid risks of losing important documents, back up your data from the computer in external devices and pack your electronics in bubble wraps to prevent electrical damage and protect the wiring.  

Prepare a Checklist: 

When moving to a new location, you likely misplace or lose items in the process. Prepare a checklist of each box of things to keep a record. A list will allow you to keep track of everything that has reached the location; you only need to unpack items and organize them at the designated areas.  

Choose a Commercial Moving Company: 

Well, perfect planning requires perfect execution. To achieve excellent results in less time, hire a professional moving company. Commercial movers in South Florida help in the efficient moving of your business. They are trained to carry out all kinds of operations and have an eye for detail. The movers are focused, professional, and are capable of enough workforce to carry larger objects and handle the delicate ones effectively. Moving out depending upon the staff has more chances of mismanagement and disruption; choosing a commercial moving company will provide you efficient work in less time without any hassle. 

Moving and relocating requires a lot of time and effort; it can easily wear you out. A well-structured plan and execution are necessary to carry out a successful commercial move. If you are unsure about planning and preparing for a commercial move, the tips mentioned above will guide you to relocate your business effortlessly. 

Use This Checklist When It’s Time to Move

Moving can be a great way to change your lifestyle, boost your career, or improve your environment. However, it’s not easy to know where to start. Here is a checklist to help you move to your new home efficiently and effectively. 

1. Research Moving Companies 

The first thing you should do when getting ready to move is to research moving companies. You want to find a moving company in Fort Lauderdale with the right equipment to assist you in your relocation. When you are looking for commercial movers, ask friends, neighbors, and family members, or look at reviews online.  

2. Plan Your Move 

The next step is planning your move. This includes exploring various options for packing, unpacking, and transporting your belongings. Before you begin packing, make sure that you have all the supplies that you need, such as boxes, tape, labels, and other supplies that you may need to pack your items properly. Allow at least a month to complete all the tasks that await you before moving day. You should also create a checklist that covers everything you need to do for each stage of the moving process. 

3. Budget 

You should also budget for your move. This will help you stay on track and not overspend. Before you lock in a date with your commercial movers, ask if different rates apply on different days of the week. By avoiding prime moving time — usually Friday through Sunday — you may be able to save quite a lot. 

4. Move Your Items Safely 

When it comes to moving, safety is very important. You want to ensure that you move your items safely and securely from one place to another. Use your moving checklist when packing and unpacking, as this will help you know where everything is placed in the truck or van for the move. 

5. Take Photos 

You will want to take photos of each room and space in the home you’re moving from as well as the one you’re moving into. This will help you show potential renters, roommates, or home buyers what they need to see. You will also want to take photos of furniture you’re offering for sale as well as what you’re taking with you. This way, nothing will be overlooked. You’ll also have proof of the condition of the furniture you’re departing with in case anything gets damaged in transit. 

6. Protect Your Stuff 

When it comes to moving, make sure everything is protected and secure during the move. All your items must be packed properly, so nothing will shift when the truck is on the move. You can use packing tape to protect all your items and boxes as they are moved from one place to another. Label each box or piece with your new address. 

7. Pack Small Items 

Pack small items, especially breakable ones, with plenty of padding in small boxes to prevent damage during the moving process. When packing larger items, wrap them in bubble wrap and tape them well. 

Moving is a stressful process. However, you can avoid much of the stress by hiring the right moving company in Fort Lauderdale. Contact our team at Veteran Moving Company to get a free estimate for your hassle-free move. 

Determining the Right Time of Year to Move

There are many factors that go into figuring out the best time of year for the move you have in mind. This includes issues such as the climate where you live and where you’re planning to move. It also includes whether or not you have children as well as the day of the week and the holiday season.  

The Climate 

As any moving company will tell its clients, one of the single most important things to bear in mind is the climate. Climate can be quite changeable. For example, if you are looking for moving help in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to keep in mind the heat and humidity that are common in this part of the country. You’ll also want to remember that climate can change from season to season. If you are going to move during the hurricane season, you’ll want to take specific precautions to protect your most important items.  

Your Household Composition 

Another factor that will influence when you choose to move is the number of people in your overall household. If you are moving with kids, you’ll want to work closely with their school schedules. It’s a good idea to contact the regional school district and find out what you need to do to make sure you’re meeting all deadlines as you move. Many parents look to move before the summer break or between semesters.  

The Day of the Week 

The day of the week is another thing to think about when you are hiring moving help in Fort Lauderdale. Many people tend to aim to move on weekends. That’s why it can be harder to move at the end of the week. If you find there are a lot of bookings, a move on a weekday might be easier. Moving during the week also means you’ll find more stores are open if you need moving supplies. It also means that, if you’re moving into an apartment building, staffers can make sure you have access to a service elevator.  

The Holiday Season 

Holidays occur year-round. That’s why a moving company will tell you to keep an eye out for any holiday that is near your planned move. That includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July. It also includes other holidays like Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day that can impede your ability to get your move completed. If you are moving during a holiday, make sure you allow extra time to complete it.  

Making a move is a chance to start anew. It’s also a chance to make new friends and connect with a community. If you are going to move, working with reliable movers from a great moving company can help you get things done. Knowing the best time to move can also make your move flow smoothly. 

Boxes or Totes? What’s the Best Way to Pack Your Belongings for a Move?

Woman surrounded by boxes needing moving help

Are you in the process of planning a move? If so, you’re likely wondering how you should pack your belongings in order to keep them secure and undamaged. Packing can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We will discuss whether you should pack your belongings in boxes or plastic tote containers as well as provide tips and tricks to make the packing process more manageable and less stressful. Once you’re done packing, rely on the help of veteran movers to get you to your next destination. 

Start by Choosing Boxes or Totes 

If you’ve moved before, you might immediately be thinking about how many cardboard boxes you’ll need. However, another container to consider is plastic totes. While both are sturdy and can hold lots of items, there are advantages to both. 

Cardboard boxes, especially those made for moving, come in plenty of sizes that are dedicated to everything from your wardrobe to your delicate dishes and the art on your walls. They’re made to be durable too. Boxes are also inexpensive and can be bought or found, but you’ll also put in extra labor taping them together. 

Plastic totes, if they’re yours rather than rented, can be reused and are great for storage once you get to your destination. Unlike boxes, they’re waterproof, so your items have extra protection. However, these containers can be prone to cracking under too much weight.  

Both boxes and totes can be used in your move, especially if you pack wisely using some of the tips below. 

Pack Early 

After you’ve chosen a safe moving company to transport your household items, tackle packing in manageable chunks. Try to fill your boxes (or totes!) one room at a time. This way, you won’t always feel overwhelmed. 

Organize Your Space 

There are several ways to go about organizing your space. First, you’ll want to gather all of the stuff that will need to be packed and sort these items into separate piles depending on whether or not you will be keeping them in storage or using them right away once you get to your new home. For example, if certain clothes are seasonal, you may want to pack them away for later. 

Make a Plan 

When you’re organizing your belongings, it’ll be helpful to plan out how you want to pack them. You can either choose to pack items by room or by type of item (for example, clothes or dishes). Consider drawing a map of your new home for this step. Write down the dimensions of each room and create a legend that indicates whether or not you’ll be unpacking certain rooms as soon as you move in.

Veteran Movers You Can Trust  

Packing for a move can be overwhelming and stressful, but by following some of the above advice, you’ll be able to reduce stress and keep your sanity. You can also make things easier when you hire the right moving company in South Florida. Whether your next move is across town or out of state, you want to rely on a safe moving company like Veteran Moving Company for the most professional services. 

Cross Country or Local: 5 Reasons Moving is Hard No Matter The Distance

Residential Movers Pompano Beach, FL | Affordable Movers South Florida

While moving across the country to a different city requires a longer drive, many of the challenges involved in a move are the same regardless of the distance. A moving company in South Florida can help lighten the burden of any type of move, but it’s equally important to plan your move well in advance. A strong plan will help you avoid many of the challenges that will make your move more stressful. 

Packing is a Nightmare 

The process of packing up your belongings for a move is complicated and frustrating since it involves knowing what items to pack first. You’ll want to ensure you can get to important items quickly, so things like medication, hygiene equipment, and frequently worn clothes should be packed last. You should also decide which items can be sold or discarded to make the job of packing easier. Once you have your belongings sorted out, leave the actual packing to a safe moving company. That will leave you free to concentrate on other details. 

Pets and Children Get in the Way 

If you have pets or young children, packing and moving will leave them feeling nervous and scared. This may cause them to get underfoot as your movers are packing things up and you’re tending to other important details. Try boarding your pets for a few hours on moving day. You may also want to ask a relative or friend to look after your children. Getting your kids and pets out of the home during crucial times can make this process easier. 

Moving Always Costs More Than You Anticipate 

As you create your budget for moving, pad it by 20% to help you cover unexpected expenses. You should also pack a cooler with bottled water and snacks. Bringing your own food will save you from spending more money at fast-food restaurants. It will also help you stay on the road, so you can stick to the schedule you established with your moving company in South Florida. 

You Will Miss Work 

You should expect to be out of work and lose some of your income for a few days or perhaps longer than a week. One option is to ask your employer if you can work remotely during this period. Otherwise, you should save up enough income to cover the period during which you’ll be moving. 

The Risk of Identity Theft is Higher 

Several weeks before you move, you should start changing your mailing address with creditors, subscription services, and utility companies. It’s also important to file a change of address with the U.S. Post Office. While a safe moving company will protect your belongings, it will be up to you to protect your identity and finances. 

When you hire veteran movers to help you relocate to your new home, you’ll be doing your part to keep our nation’s veterans employed. Additionally, you’ll get packing and moving services you can trust. Professional movers will help you get to your new home sooner and without feeling as stressed or anxious about the experience. 

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving

Woman surrounded by boxes needing moving help

Moving to a new home is indeed a stressful process and can take up a lot of your time. With so much to keep in mind, It’s natural that you might leave things for the last minute. It’s always a good idea to get started early when you’re moving houses and get your checklists in order.  

From things that need early preparations to essentials you’ll need for moving day, here are ten things to keep in mind:  

1. You Need a Good Moving Budget 

Whether you’re moving a few blocks away or to a whole new city, moving costs a considerable amount of money. For a smooth moving experience, it would be good to have a detailed budget outlined. Making a moving budget is one of the first things you need to do once you have decided to move houses.  

2. Look into Different Moving Companies 

Next, you need a reliable and safe moving company. You may think you can manage it all independently, but moving is not a one-person job. Look into different moving companies in your area, compare their prices, speak to the managers, and check their reviews. Find the best moving company for you to ensure a smooth moving process.  

3. Pack Your Things Safely and Securely  

While this may seem obvious, you can never be too safe when it comes to packing your precious belongings. The quality of your packing materials will play a big role in keeping your belongings safe and secure. Make sure you have lots of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and extra materials on hand.  

4. Label Everything! 

You may think that you’ll remember where you’ve put things, but the hectic move can frazzle your memory. Label every cardboard box with a list of things packed inside them. Also, add labels like ‘this side up’ and ‘fragile’ to specific boxes to help your movers be safe with your belongings.  

5. Notify The Relevant People That You’re Moving  

While your friends and family might know that you’re moving, it is important to inform other relevant people about the move too. Your office, the children’s schools, utility companies, and your banks are just some of the institutions that you will have to inform.   

6. Change Your Address 

Another obvious one that might slip your mind! Remember to change your address well in advance of when you’re moving. This is very important to ensure that you don’t lose any important post. Change your address a few weeks before your move so that the changes can take effect by the time you settle into your new house.  

7. Start Fresh and Early on Moving Day 

Moving day is long and tiring, and you might have been up tossing and turning the night before because of stress. Try and get as much rest as you can and then wake up bright and early on moving day. An early start will help you orient yourself and do any last-minute prep before the moving company shows up.  

8. Pack A Moving Day Essentials Bag 

Without certain essential items on moving day, you can find yourself greatly inconvenienced and stressed out. Packing an essentials bag can help the day go by as smoothly as possible.  

Your essentials bag should have all of your daily use items like your phones, chargers, and toiletries, as well as things you will need as soon as you arrive at the new house, like extra clothes, bathroom essentials, and cooking essentials. 

9. Have Childcare Lined Up for Moving Day  

If you have children, it’s best to have childcare set up for them beforehand. Ask a trusted friend or family member if the kids can spend the day at their house to be safe and comfortable.   

10. Double Check Everything 

Right before you lock the doors for the last time, do a walkthrough of the house and double-check everything. Check all the cupboards and drawers, ensure the power is turned off, and secure all doors and windows.  

Veteran Moving Company  

If you are looking for a safe and reliable moving company in South Florida, Veteran Movers is the company to choose! Our residential movers are skilled in moves of all sizes and for any type of home. From apartments to multi-families and single-families, we provide consistency, honesty, and affordability for every move we take on.  

Get a free moving quote on our website or call us on 561-944-7292 for more information. 

What to Expect When Hiring a Moving Company


After signing a lease or closing on a property, most people don’t even begin to consider moving. There is a risk of making this error, leading to a lot of tension, anxiety, and even financial loss. We recommend you contact a safe moving company in South Florida at least six to eight weeks before when you plan on moving so that you and your veteran movers have ample time to run things smoothly.

Why Choose a Moving Company?

All of the moving-related activities can be taken care of by a professional full-service moving company; South Florida residents can now sit back easily and relax while your to-do list gets smaller and less.

Those who don’t want to or are unable to move on their own yet don’t want to deal with the hassle of doing so can take advantage of this convenient service. Full-service movers aren’t always the cheapest option, but the incredible convenience they give is almost always worth it.

This article will help you understand what things you need to expect while moving and hiring veteran movers. So, let’s get started now!

Things to Expect From Your Veteran Movers

There are multiple responsibilities of a moving company in South Florida. Residents will benefit from the following services of a safe moving company.

Providing All Packaging Products and Supplies

Forget about schlepping boxes, paper, packing tape, and bubble wrap to the retailer. If you hire full-service movers, they’ll take care of everything, from packing materials like home furnishings, blankets, and extra padding, to transportation.

Disassembling Your Furniture

Large, awkward, and heavy furniture will be transported safely to your new location by full-service movers. Depending on the situation, dismantling furniture in parts or in its entirety is one aspect of this, and we will then reassemble it after shifting.

Putting Your Things in Storage

When relocating, packing is among the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of the process. However, it doesn’t have to be. Professional packers will pack your entire house in a relatively short time it would take you if you did it yourself, thanks to full-service movers. Expertly and securely packing fragile and precious goods, including glass and artwork, is also something they can do.

Shifting Your Things Safely

Professional movers will transport your goods anywhere you need them to go, whether you’re moving across town or the country. You’ll be given a delivery window so that all you have to worry about is getting to the location where the package will be accepted.

Loading and Offloading of a Truck

Let the professionals handle the heavy lifting. Your appliances will be loaded safely onto the truck by full-service movers after your home has been packed up. Unloading the truck will be included in your move-in process.

Helping You Unpack

Moving companies that offer full service don’t simply pack your belongings; they may also unpack them for you. Your movers will take care of the heavy lifting while you concentrate on other aspects of moving into your new home. You only give them some direction, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Getting Rid of the Packaging

In addition to the many cardboard boxes you’ll need to recycle, you’ll likely have other waste materials like plastic wrap and packing peanuts to deal with after your move. When you hire full-service movers, they can ensure that all of your items are properly disposed of and that the mess you’re left with after unpacking is taken care of.

Some Points to Remember

Full-service movers provide the services mentioned above; however, if you do not hire full-service movers, then you will have to pack your stuff yourself. We recommend you talk with the movers and clarify what services they will provide you beforehand.

Make a checklist of every item that you want to shift to easily keep a check on the safe transfer of the items.

Your veteran movers will let you know well beforehand when they plan to arrive at your residence. Make sure the moving truck has space to park next to your house. Failing to do so might lead to enforced “long carry” fees.

Moving can be extremely stressful regardless of the distance; you will need to hire movers across the street or to another city. With so many things that need to be done before your big moving day, it’s tough not to worry about the changeover. This is why we advise you to hire veteran movers, especially if you want a cost-effective and stress-free job done. Our Veteran Moving Company will provide you with the safest service and take charge to solve any issues that hinder the process.