7 Key Factors to Choose the Most Reliable Moving Company

Moving company workers carrying boxes

Are you interested in finding a reliable moving company to move your belongings? Choosing a moving company is certainly a big deal.

The moving process is often overwhelming and requires a lot of time and organization to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged in the transit. For many people, finding affordable movers in Pompano Beach is often a task. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to look for when finding the right moving company. Read on to learn seven key factors to consider.

1. Think Locally

While there are plenty of internet-based brokers online that can help you find movers, looking for a local company based in Pompano Beach will likely be your best bet.

In fact, using a local company is the best way to avoid potential scams that exist on the internet. A local company will be more personal and typically has a physical presence in the area, which can give you a sense of comfort.

2. Ensure That the Company Provides the Services You Need

Not all moving companies provide the same services. If you’re looking for residential movers in Pompano Beach, it’s important to double-check that they provide all of the services you need.

For instance, if you have unusual or really large furniture items, be sure that the moving company has the team and the right tools to handle all of your moving needs.

3. Avoid Paying a Deposit

While putting a deposit on a service is a common practice. Paying a deposit before a moving service isn’t standard practice in the industry.

If a company does require a deposit, be sure that you have thoroughly researched them and that they have positive reviews before paying any deposits.

4. Be Sure to Get an Estimate

When talking with a moving company, be sure to get a written estimate of the costs. Some companies may give you a verbal estimate based on your needs. But a verbal estimate may not be the most reliable.

Any potential moving company should provide a detailed estimate in writing that outlines what services they will be providing and what the estimated cost will be so you can properly plan financially.

5. Check Their History of Complaints

One of the easiest ways to determine whether a moving company is reliable is to check its complaint history.

If a company has a history of complaints with previous customers, this is a sign that you shouldn’t move forward.

6. Check Online Reviews

In addition to the company’s complaint history, be sure to check general reviews of the company.

Taking a look at the reviews will not only let you know whether a company is reliable but it will also give you valuable insight into how the company works and what type of customer service experience they provide.

7. Be Sure They’re Federally Registered

Another thing to check is whether the moving company is federally registered. You can do this by confirming their DOT number, which is often available on their website.

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